Blue Raspberry Slushie

Have some family fun with your kids in the kitchen.  This Blue Raspberry Slushie recipe is a cute twist on a classic treat.  Your kids will gulp this delicious slushie drink right up.

blue raspberry slushie

makes two servings


• 16 oz of cream soda
• ½ tsp of blue raspberry lemonade powdered mix (Kool-Aid sells it in the canister, don’t use the envelope mixes)
• 3 cups crushed ice
• 2 drops blue food coloring
• Optional:  2 licorice twists (like Twizzlers or Red Vines)

  1. Put the cream soda and drink mix in a blender.  Add the ice and food coloring and then blend until smooth.  Pour into cups.
  2. If you choose to use the licorice twists rather than traditional straws; cut the ends off the twists for an extra fruity sipper.

blue raspberry slushie

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