Blog Giveaways All In One Place

Scouting with BinocularsIn an effort to get more people to my blog, and hence get the newest product giveaways to share with all my readers, I try and social network my posts as much as I can.  I don’t list many of those options as extra entries any more, because I don’t want to burden my readers with being social media mavens for me (but please feel free to share my blog with friends, family and co-workers offline, that is if you’re excited enough to share the wealth, lol!).  I only have so many hours in my day though, and can only on my own time, list at so many places.

This weekend I was alerted to a site called Giveaway Scout.  It basically aggregates feeds from different blogs that offer giveaways, so readers that are interested in blog giveaway content, can find them all in one place.  You can sign up for the newsletter or feed, and each day any new listings it finds it will post them. 

It’s a neat service for the blog owners in order to get their site out to more readers, and great for the readers as they might find sites with giveaways that they might otherwise miss.  So I’m going to add my blog to it, and see if it brings me more traffic, and hopefully in turn more great opportunities for you to win!

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