Black Box Wines. You Deserve the Best This Holiday Season!

Boxed wine gets a bad wrap, and it really shouldn’t. Because of its packaging it’s a great way to get a really good wine for not a lot of money. And while I’m no wine critic, I did serve some Black Box Wines to friends who know a thing or two about wine and have discriminating palates, and they were impressed! Surprisingly to me it was their first taste of a boxed wine, and I think Black Box Wines won them over.

We got to try a white and two different reds.I thought the best of the three was the white; a 2011 California Riesling. We paired this wine with a creamy chicken dish, and it went very well with it. It has a nice refreshing, clean, crisp finish, and I think by the refills everyone had that it went over well. I plan to toast the New Year with this one!We found our perfect pasta mate; Black Box’s 2011 California Sweet Red Blend. This red wine is great. It’s a blend of red fruit along with blueberry, and we found it a good choice to drink alongside a pasta dish. Not making dinner, just dessert? Not a problem, this wine is grand with chocolate a la mode for an evening indulgence! As per it’s name, it’s a bit of a sweeter wine, but it’s really delicious.The 2010 California Merlot went down velvety smooth, and we were told by our friends that it was comparable to a $60 Merlot that they had recently had! It has a robust flavor with notes of fruit and spices. You’ll find this one pairs well with just about anything, but goes particularly well with marinara dishes or beef.Black Box has won 28 gold medals in wine competitions and 17 “Best Buy” accolades from Wine Enthusiast, and when you taste their offerings you won’t be surprised by that. What you might be surprised at is its very affordable price point. For each of the wines we tried, the price tag is equivalent to spending just $6.25 for a 750 ml bottle, each box has 3-liters of wine. The dripless spout makes for easy and clean dispensing, and it stays fresh for weeks, which is another bonus if you only serve it on occasion.

If you want to make your next Christmas gathering *wow* – be smart and don’t break the bank. Consider serving at your home or bringing along to a hosted dinner a Black Box Wine, no pricey wine needed! Your dining experience will be just as elegant with these award winning wines, and will cost much less than comparable choices.

You can find out more about the wines featured above as well as other quality wines at

Black Box Wines.
Surprising. Astonishing. Award Winning.

I was recently provided the opportunity to review Black Box Wines. I received courtesy tastings but the opinions in this review are 100% mine. Published by Tammy Litke.

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  1. I asked a fancy wine drinker once if the expensive stuff really is better and he said some of his favorite wines are the cheaper ones you get a the grocery store!

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