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I love to eat, and with my tiny frame of 4’9”, it doesn’t take much extra weight to show on me.  Because of my height, genealogy and medical history, I need to make sure that I stay a healthy weight, or I’m a prime target for osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease.  But when I’m actively trying to lose or maintain my weight, I need help and accountability.

I was recently able to try a week’s worth of meals and snacks from Bistro MD.  The weekly meal plan includes options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two snacks a day.  The protein shakes that are part of the snack line up are great for on the go, just add water to the bottle and ‘shake’!  I poured mine into a glass just so you could see what one looks like this is the “Proticcino” Flavor.

Since we started cruising seven years ago, I’ve become quite accustomed to one or two weeks of real gourmet meals a year.  Of course, those weeks while leaving memories of great tastes and unique food, also have left me with a few extra pounds as a souvenir!  I can honestly say that the meals I received from Bistro MD, are really like the meals that we eat on our cruises – but healthier!  (* note – I realize you can order low calorie/fat/sodium options on a cruise as well, however….I don’t…)

Undoubtedly most of my favorite meals that I ate throughout the week were the poultry ones.  Specifically the Roasted Turkey with Garlic Onion Jam, it tasted wonderful!

The foods in a meal all complement each other with tastes and textures, so your vegetable side will fit perfectly with your protein.

Bistro MD is so convenient too.  The meals are freshly prepared, cooked and frozen.  When you receive them via courier on dry ice, you just pop them in your freezer.  You can choose to thaw them and then re-heat them in your oven (the preferred method) or in just 4 to 5 minutes you can have a hot gourmet meal ready using your microwave.  I’ll be honest here, I ended up using the microwave more often then not, because the taste difference was negligible;  the meals still tasted great coming out of the microwave.

Between the two snacks and your three meals, you shouldn’t be hungry at all.  A few days I actually had to force myself to eat one of the snacks because I just didn’t feel hungry.  The program is designed for all the pieces to work together though and provide you with your daily nutrition, so I tried to get in all the daily food. 

Starting with a good breakfast of an omelet, soufflé, pancakes, french toast or english muffin, that kept me going for the entire morning.

I almost didn’t even realize when lunch rolled around most days!  A meal for lunch and then an afternoon snack.  Another meal for dinner and then I’d have a snack in the evening.  The system worked very well for me, kept me on track for eating when I was supposed to (I’m really bad for that…skipping meals) – and at the end of the full week I actually had dropped a pound!

BistroMD is a great system for those that need the accountability that a program offers.  High protein meals that will keep you feeling full and your metabolism working throughout the day.  The meals are full of flavor and don’t require any extra seasonings at all.  You won’t feel deprived (cheesecake is even offered as one of the snacks!) – you shouldn’t feel the need to binge, and you’ll learn what a proper portion size for meat/sides/snacks is.  Which will really help when you are eating outside your own home, or you reach your goal weight.

On their Facebook Page right now BistroMD has their BistroMD Challenge going on for the next three months.  Tell them in 8 words or less how you will choose health, and you can win prizes like an Apple iPad 2, a Macy’s shopping spree or an American Express Gift Card!  There are also weekly prizes where winners will receive 7 days of meals from BistroMD!  See more information and the criteria on their Official Rules page.

I received samples of Bistro MD products to facilitate my review for this post.  All opinions are my own.

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