Quotes from a Teacher

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Marjan Glavac’s remarkable book about teachers and why they teach:

Here is a very special, singularly unique, and beautiful way to learn, appreciate and understand the dedication of teachers and why they devote their lives to making a difference to the lives of the children they touch.  See more of these poignant moments in…

Teaching Is…

Moments That Inspire and Motivate Teachers to Make A Difference

The book is available at bookstores online. For more information www.teachingis.com

About the Author

Marjan Glavac is a firm believer that: “there are no boundaries for the journeys of the mind” and that every student, parent and teacher is capable of achieving great journeys.

My Review

I have been very fortunate to have had teachers very much like Marjan Glavac for my daughter as she progressed through the public school system.  As I now homeschool, I’m right on the forefront of the challenges that he so pointedly condenses in just a few words.  Teaching is about the next generation, they’re challenging, but rewarding!

Teaching Is…will definitely be cherished by anyone who has taught in their lifetime.  I’m sure teachers everywhere can relate and add to these quoted sentiments from Marjan Glavac.

2 thoughts on “Quotes from a Teacher

  1. Thank you very much for your kind review. It is very challenging but definitely worthwhile. It must be very rewarding to be teaching your own childre!

    All the best,

    Marjan Glavac

  2. Teaching is very rewarding, and challenging. That last one makes me think about teachers who have classrooms that are unresponsive and bored. I remember being in a class once where the students were checking their nails, crouching to not get called on, and the poor, struggling teacher was desperate for participation and interest. Teachers sure do work hard.

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