Big Book of Science Experiments

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This new book, with more than 100 experiments provided by Mad Science and step-by-step instructions, shows kids how simple experiments can help them better understand the world around them.  “Following the success of Super Science Book, we created Big Book of Science Experiments to offer kids a supplement to everything they love about science. Annual science fairs continue to grow in popularity. This book provides a myriad of ideas to bring science directly to your home,” said Bob Der, Editorial Director, TIME For Kids. “We filled the book with incredibly cool experiments for kids to explore in a fun, family-friendly way.”

Because we’re homeschoolers we look for a lot of ‘kitchen science’ experiments to do for our lab requirements.  Even though the Big Book of Science Experiments is for kids in grade school, we even found some experiments that were appropriate for our high school lab work.  We were just completing acids and bases in chemistry and there was an experiment in the Physical Science chapter that fit right in.  I actually preferred it to the experiments our curriculum gave us to do because the one in the Big Book of Science Experiments was safe and didn’t need any chemicals to complete it, but had the same science behind it.  Another one we’re looking forward to trying in Crystalline Growth as this one explains solutions, solvents and solutes.

Big Book of Science Experiments has experiments that can be completed in less than an hour and more complex ones that take more than a day.   It also covers Earth, Life and Physcial Science as well as Technology and Engineering.

Big Book of Science Experiments will be available on December 6, 2011 and retails for $17.95 and you can find it at retail stores and online.

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