BelaBANDS from Dona Bela SHREDS – Summer Accessory Must Have!

Ah, summer!  Out and about in the heat and humidity.  We throw the essentials in our totes: sunscreen, flip flops, shades.  But there’s another summer accessory must have that’s practical and will have you looking stylish on the go. 

I was gifted some BelaBANDS from Dona Bela SHREDS at no cost to try out to share my thoughts with you on them.

summer accessory

Dona Bela SHREDS, upcycles textile remnants & designs them into unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

At just $8 (!!) BelaBANDS are lightweight, whisper-soft and oh-so-comfortable.  They keep flyaways at bay, replace heavy watches/bracelets with thin and breezy fabrics and when worn as a necklace, can put the perfectly placed cherry on top of a fire festival look! Feel free to get them wet and keep your noggin/neck/wrists cool!

I have a drawer FULL of headbands that I never wear.  Why?  Because I apparently have a weird shaped head.  One of two things usually happen when I wear said bands; 1) They slip off constantly.  2) They make my head hurt.

But BelaBANDS… WOW!  They not only stayed on my head all day, but they also were super comfortable.  No hard pointy ends, no finicky elastics.  Perfect for days on the beach, in the park or nights by the campfire.  

What I really like about them though is that they do double duty.  Sometimes I don’t feel the need to put my hair back when we first go out.  The morning is cooler and my hair doesn’t feel like such of a burden.  So I wear the BelaBAND as a necklace instead.  Then as the day heats up and my hair feels like swamp moss 😉  BAM – I can just pull it back with the BelaBAND and I’m good for a few more hours.

Remember all those things you wished you had packed in your bag when you get to where you’re going?  Don’t let BelaBANDS be one of them 🙂  At the affordable price (last I checked they even had a few prints on sale lower than $8!) pick up a few and keep one in your beach tote, one in the glove box and another tied to your handbag strap (kind of like the new scarf trend).  

Right now they have BUY 3, GET ONE FREE! (OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE).  I know it’s July but while you’re grabbing one or two for yourself over on Dona Bela SHREDS site – pick up a few for your BFFs, or your tween/teen for a stocking stuffer for Christmas.  Don’t laugh, it’s only 168 days away!  You can’t go wrong with these and they have so many prints and colors to choose from.  

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