5 Best Pool Games For Kids

pool games for kids

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The pool is the perfect spot for cooling off and having fun in the summer. Along with swimming and diving, a number of great water games can make taking a dip a blast for kids. And while there are countless old-school favorites like Marco Polo that can make for fun swims for kids of all ages, other games can present new and exciting obstacles that help to break up completing the same old objectives. From water bottle hunts to boat races, these games may require some accessories, but they will not fail to liven up any outing to the swimming pool.

Find It

If there is one thing that kids love to do, it is find things. Combine that with the mystery of the pool’s depths and you have yourself an addicting game that will make for hours of entertainment. While there are a number of variations to this game, some of which include teams, the basic premise is the same. Kids are tasked with the mission of finding sunken items. Two of the most popular items include coins and clear water bottles with cap colors that match the pool floor. Once the items have been dropped and allowed to sink, it is up to kids to locate and retrieve them.

Underwater Race

For a true challenge of grit and determination, you can hold an underwater race in your pool. Also known as mermaid races, this is a simple competition in which kids are pitted against each other in an effort to see who can swim the furthest while staying underwater. Most frequently this is held by swimming the length of the pool, but depending on the size, kids can sometimes make it all the way. In the event of that, the competition can be continued, as kids who make it to the end simply raise their hand indicating they can swim no further and the time in which they are able to hold their breaths is then counted. If both children make it to the end, whoever was able to hold their breath longer is the victor.

Pool Tag

Pool tag is a great game for a group and is a simple variation of the classic freeze tag. It begins with one person starting out as the one who is “it”. As that person tries to tag the others, the kids are free to swim around. As long as they are underwater, they cannot be tagged but the second they pop up, they can be frozen. When someone is tagged, they become frozen in place and have to stand straight up. If someone manages to swim through their legs, they are no longer frozen. Let each round carry on for a short while before changing up the person who is “it”.  

Grab The Floaters

While collecting things from underwater is one way to keep kids entertained, having them snatch up items that float can also make for a fun game. For this, all you’ll need are a number of small collectibles that are able to keep from sinking. This could be anything from ping pong balls to floating rings. Have kids start at opposite sides of the pool as you scatter them all around, then call out for the game to begin. The person who collects the most will be the winner. Try to use an odd number of items but in the event the kids collect the same number, whoever can hold their breath the longest will be the victor.

Boat Races

Allow your kids to tap into their creativity by having a boat race. For this game, it is up to kids to use materials like styrofoam, cardboard, or even paper to create a miniature vessel for themselves. Once all competitors have their boats ready, put the creations into the water and begin the race. For this game, kids are not allowed to push the vessels along with their hands and must instead push the water to get the ships going. The first one to the finish line wins. And should tragedy befall the vessels and they sink, whoever made it the furthest will be declared the winner.

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