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Perfect Recipe for a Zero-Waste Kitchen

If you want to pivot your family to a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle, start by overhauling your kitchen. Most of the waste that households produce comes from the cooking and dining areas. Food scraps, plastic shopping bags, and empty food packets, among other kitchen waste, leave a significant carbon footprint.

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ice cream sandwiches
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Grilled S’Mores Ice Cream Sandwiches

School supplies are in the store aisles and parents are checking to see what their kids have outgrown for the fall and winter… but summer isn’t over yet!  Fire up the grill this weekend and delight in this delicious treat.  Chocolate and marshmallows in ice cream sandwiches .. Oh My!

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Must-have Home Fireworks for Personal Holidays

Fireworks are fun — there is no denying it. Pretty much everyone enjoys the explosion of light and color that comes from a big fireworks display. However, those big fireworks displays typically only occur during national holidays, which means when you have a special day of your own, you can’t expect the giant, hour-long sky show you might see on Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve.

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Meaningful Gift Ideas for Kids

When deciding on gifts for our kids, we often focus on candy and toys, scouring for the latest trends, and searching for gifts for kids by age as each year ticks by.

I’m not saying that trendy toys and delicious candy aren’t great gifts for kids, but sometimes we want to add something a bit more special to the pile of birthday or Christmas gifts. So I’ve put together some meaningful gift ideas for kids that you can draw some inspiration from.

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Make the Right Choice When Selecting a Beauty School

A career in the world of beauty can provide a host of valuable benefits. If you pursue this type of career, you can look forward to a fun job that allows you to be creative, a means of earning good money doing something you love, and the chance to help other people when it comes to their appearance and confidence levels. However, before you can enjoy any of this, you need to get the right training and develop the right skills.

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Wantdo Outerwear

All y’all I KNOW it’s 100 degrees outside and we’re not even half way through summer but (dare I say it?!)  Winter IS Coming, and in a lot of the country it will inevitably bring the cold and snow.  Our daughter is going to be moving to Utah in fall and while we are no strangers to real winters being from Canada and living in South Dakota for nearly 15 years, living in Texas for the last 8 has spoiled us when it comes to winter.  This last February was as crazy as it gets and it only lasted a week.  So to say our daughter will need some winter outerwear is an understatement.

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hard seltzer cocktail
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The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book

On a warm summer evening or in the sunshine by the pool, a fruity boozy cocktail is so tasty.  And making them at home can often be a tall order.  The Hard Seltzer Cocktail Book by Casie Vogel, has 55 “unofficial recipes” for branded hard seltzers — which include White Claw® Slushies, Truly® Mixers, and more Spiked-Seltzer Drinks.

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Protect Your Vehicle from Seasonal Weather Changes

Many people choose to buy a pickup truck because of its versatility. It can be a passenger vehicle, yet it is rugged enough to haul a wide range of items from debris, soil, equipment, and tools. However, it is easy to damage the truck bed without protection because of the various things you load into it. In addition, the floor surface can have holes, dents and scratches, which can mar the otherwise pristine appearance of your truck.

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peach iced tea recipe
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Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Say cheers with this sweet Peach Iced Tea recipe.  It’s the perfect summer sipper!

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lawn care
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Proper Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

Having a great-looking lawn is something that everyone wants, but achieving that is not always straightforward. There are two options which you have when it comes to getting a beautiful lawn, the first is to get a brand new lawn from the likes of Musturf, which gives you an instantly gorgeous lawn; the second option is to put some effort into the lawn which you have and to follow some basic tips which can help you to maintain the grass which you already have outside your property. Regardless of which option you choose, there are some tips to follow which will ensure that your lawn always looks great.

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