An Organized Giveaway: Spicy Shelf

When we bought our home one of the things I was SO happy it had was a walk in pantry.  But to my surprise even though it’s a decent size…it’s a lot tougher to keep organized than I thought it would be.  I mean, seriously how do all the boxes, bags and jar get out of control like that?!  I’d blame it on my husband and daughter but I know it’s just as much my fault as theirs.

Recently, I was asked by Spicy Shelf to review their product – a uniquely curved shelf that expands to fit wider cabinets or contracts to fit narrower ones perfectly suited to help you organize..well anything that fits on it really!  I’m pretty sure there is a hidden camera in my pantry and they saw the hot mess when they offered me this review!

I was thrilled when I received the product in the mail. I was interested to see if it could organize my spices (because yes indeed I decided to use it for its original purpose) in the same amount of space I had them stuffed into.   The Spicy Shelf is able to be set up in a variety of configurations, which I love. You can make them narrow or wide, short or high, stacked 2 shelves high or just 1, at different heights side by side – they easily snap together to make a U-Shaped shelf. It’s actually pretty cool.

So how did it go?  Well you tell me!

I received media samples of Spicy Shelf for review.

I ended up using just a “bit” more space by putting the two shelves side by side.  I could have done it in the same amount of space by making one of the shelves narrower, but found room in my pantry to store a couple of things that the second shelf displaced (don’t ask how that part is organized that’s a whole other blog project.), and wanted the ability to add a few extra jars to the shelf if needed.

If you’re interested, you can save $5.00 off with the code SPICE5 at Or, you can enter to win a set of your own right here on my blog!

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80 thoughts on “An Organized Giveaway: Spicy Shelf

  1. Basically I should say what don't i need to organize. Like most people I have a junk drawer. I also am a knitter and I need to get that in better order. my husband is a DIYer and he needs to get some of his tools in order.

  2. I am pretty organized but I could definately use this for my spices and seasonings. I now have them in old velveeta boxes!

  3. I need to organize lots of things! Specifically for the spicy shelf, I'd like to organize my spices and baking supplies like frosting, sprinkles, etc.

  4. Unfortunately I need to organize in just about every room, but my kitchen is my biggest challenge.

  5. Aside from our spice cabinet, I would say we need to organize our junk drawers. My husband and I both have our own junk drawer and mine is looking pretty stuffed lately.

  6. My closet, I have two boxes of things that need to go to the thrift store and I am sure I can add to that.

  7. I definitely need to organize my spices – they are so disorganized I can never find what I need!

  8. A number of items that range in importance, of course, if I won a computer (that actually works) or laptop that would help get rid of the paper clutter and allow me to document that of my medical condition. If I had various shelves up in almost every room that would save time and hassle with organization; as we have such small areas… An example would be the kitchen 20 x 7 with cabinet drawers falling apart but I'd love a makeover of the entire home.

  9. What a clever idea! This would be a great help in the kitchen, where I could organize my spices and decorating supplies. It would also be useful in the craftroom.

  10. I'd like to organize the spices before the big Thanksgiving/
    Christmas baking/cooking rush.

  11. I'm moving into my own house on Sept 30…everything is in boxes! I would love to have a spice organizer instead of having things everywhere and anywhere

  12. i have a small apartment so it would be great to get more organized and save some space.

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