2 Go-To Baking Products

I wanted to share some awesome products that make every baker’s life a little easier to help achieve the ultimate baker’s dream – when it comes to baking & cleaning.  Whether you’re whipping up roasted potatoes in the kitchen to share with the whole family, or just a batch of cookies as a midnight snack, these products will ensure a non-stick, easy-to-clean baking experience every time!

I received media samples of Cookina products for review.

An alternative to parchment paper and aluminum foil:

COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet is an innovative, multipurpose product that creates a non-stick, easy-clean and healthy cooking & baking experience – for all those cookies, french fries, and chicken nuggets! Ideal for using as an alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper, users can place the cooking sheet on a baking tray to bake recipes without having to use oil or needing to clean the tray afterwards. This sheet is 100% non-stick and PFOA Free, reusable, reversible, easy to clean and easily cuts to size. For more information visit www.cookina.co $12.99

If you’re using it with greasier foods (products like breaded fish, or if you choose to add oil for say roasted vegetables) it will leave spots on the cooking sheet but it doesn’t affect the performance at all.  Plus it holds no odor or flavor.  It’s also reusable and reversible, so no worrying about ‘which side’ you need to bake on.

Step 1: Place COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet on a baking tray or pan

Step 2: Place food on the sheet

Step 3: Enjoy the easy-to-use, nonstick surface
Step 4: No need to clean a messy pan or oven. Simply wipe the non-stick sheet off and reuse it again!

This was after making Chicken Cordon Bleu on the cooking sheet.

You could literally just move the leaked out, baked on cheese with your finger tips that’s how non-stick and easy to clean it is!

A quick swipe with a soapy dishcloth, rinse and dry – and you’re ready to use it again!

Never clean the bottom of your oven again:

COOKINA Gard Oven Protector is a toxin-free, easy-to-use product that helps home cooks keep the oven clean with minimal effort. Home cooks never worry about cleaning the oven after each use with this product. Users can simply place the oven protector on the bottom of the oven to catch every spill and splatter for easier clean-up, without any odors. This sheet is easy to clean, fits any size oven, is heat resistant up to 500 degrees F and is suitable for gas ovens, electric ovens and microwaves. $14.99 / for more information, visit www.cookina.co

We have double ovens in our home.  And while I love that I can bake two different things at two different temperatures at the same time.. it also means double the oven cleaning!  The previous owners actually left an oven protector in the bottom oven when we purchased the house and I bought an additional one for the top oven when we moved in.  However, the one left by the owners had seen better days, and was almost as embarassing as having a dirty oven!

So I was quite glad to get this COOKINA Gard Oven Protector to replace it. While it can be cut to fit, I didn’t even need to cut mine .  The dark color looks much better in the oven than the more opaque one that was in there previously and it is a much better thicker quality too.  I haven’t had a spill over yet, but if it performs even half as well as the cooking sheet, then I’m in a good place when it comes to oven cleaning .  The sheen you see on it is just the reflection off the oven light.

Step 1: Place COOKINA Oven Gard Protector on bottom of oven
Step 2: Watch as the sheet catches all drippy messes
Step 3: Enjoy the easy-to-clean feature of wiping with a paper towel and reuse afterwards

What are your go-to baking products for less mess and a cleaner kitchen?

13 thoughts on “2 Go-To Baking Products

  1. I totally love this! I love to bake and such and I have the messy cleanup at times! Thanks for sharing gonna check into getting some ordered!

  2. What a great idea! I must find these in my local store pronto! There is nothing more annoying that finding spills or stuck-on gunk after baking.

    By the way, I love the changes that you made to your site 🙂

  3. I hate cleaning the oven! Does anyone actually enjoy it? The oven guard is perfect! I can't wait to pick some up and stop cleaning my oven.

  4. I absolutely can use both of these products since I do a ton of baking from October through January. This would eliminate a lot of clean up time.

  5. I've never heard of these before but I love the fact that it will help me reduce waste and take care of the environment. Thanks so much for sharing!

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