Wear American Diamonds and Become Graceful While Traveling

Whenever we think of diamonds that are cheap, American diamonds come to our mind.  American diamonds are perfect substitutes for the original stone. This is a laboratory processed substance having the dazzling appearance of the natural crystalline stone.  These are used in making fashion jewelry items.


American diamonds have taken the world by storm as their look is as brilliant as an original, and at one-tenth of the price. The original diamond jewelry pieces are worn not only to augment your looks but also to display your prized possession. When it is neither feasible nor advisable to wear this expensive stone, ladies opt for the American variety.  They are as dazzling as diamonds by their appearance, and they are pocket-book friendly.

How it Received Its Name

American diamonds are actually called “cubic zirconia” and they are completely made in a laboratory.  As this substance was invented in America, so is its name. This substance being artificial could be produced in sufficient quantities to meet market demand. Commercially you could obtain this by either of the names.

Characteristics of an American Diamond

By its appearance an American diamond is as good as an original and in no way could be differentiated if viewed separately. Though these are not as hard as authentic diamonds, they are not easily broken. Being artificial in nature they are prone to tarnish over several years, so they must be worn with care but without any fear of getting stolen. Like authentic diamonds, cubic zirconia is available in multiple hues: white, brown, yellow, blue, and red. The color of a diamond is dependent upon its structure. Of all these different varieties, white or colorless is most widely sold.

Uses of American Diamonds

It is surprising to note that American diamonds could be put to other uses rather than being used as a fashion accessory. Cubic zirconia has similar uses as an actual diamond.  They are mostly used in making jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Complete sets of these items are also manufactured and sold. Worldwide, zirconia is sold as a cheaper substitute for original diamonds. It is not surprising to note that this artificial substance is treated as a substitute even by astrologers. Zircon could be safely worn as a diamond substitute. For astrological purposes American diamonds are usually worn in the form of rings. Like any other gem store, zircon too is known to have serious repercussions in case it is not worn properly and as per astrologers’ instruction.

How to Buy Cheap Diamonds

This ornamental stone is sold online as well as through stores. These are usually sold by fashion jewelry shops, ladies accessory outlets, and gift item showrooms. However, in this era of e-commerce, there are several sellers offering these products online. There are multiple benefits of online commercial transactions. It not only allows sellers to address a significantly larger consumer base but enable buyers to purchase their item of choice after visiting several websites. Payment is done online, or on the delivery of the product.

Traveling with American Diamonds

It may not always safe to travel with an original diamond on your body for long trips. It is generally advisable not to wear diamonds while traveling.  American diamonds, on the other hand, can be worn without any hesitation. Be it small gatherings or an official party, these diamond pieces are sure to attract the attention of onlookers. These jewelry pieces are sure to be the centre of attention in any gathering.

About the author – Christopher Buchanan is a widely travelled man. He is also a collector of jewelry pieces from different countries. He could be really helpful in telling you how to buy cheap diamonds.

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