When Life Comes At You Fast — LITERALLY


Despite the differences that a lot of people have with each other these days most parents would agree that our children, no matter how old they are, are most treasured to us.  In February when our daughter called me from a hospital emergency room, I’m sure you can imagine all the crazy emotions that cycled through me at that moment.

Turns out she was the passenger in a vehicle that her friend was driving and they got T-boned at an intersection.  The other car was speeding and hit the rear passenger side, right where our daughter was sitting.  Their vehicle rolled and she was left hanging from the ceiling in her seatbelt.  All the air left her lungs and then she started having a panic attack.   An ambulance was called, she was taken to the ER, admitted and then when she was able to she called us.  She was released later that evening and we monitored the pain and bruising and thankfully it was nothing major or serious.

personal injury lawyer

This is the first time we’ve had to deal with a situation like this.  We were so confused.  While her friend and his parents were likely searching for a , we had no clue where to start, who to call or what we needed, to ensure we weren’t going to have to pay the medical bills. Thankfully her friend’s insurance company was right on the task of making sure that we had the information we needed to get the claim settled, without any inexplicable waivers or legal language to try and wiggle out of medical bills.

But what if it had not been so easy.  You watch the TV commercials and see billboards on the highways for personal injury lawyers, but never think you’ll need one.  Suddenly I realized one day we actually might, as I’m sure the process of handling an injury or claim in an accident doesn’t always go as smoothly as it happened to for us.

Living in the Dallas Ft.Worth metroplex with a population of over 7 million people and growing, we see even worse accidents frequently.  After our daughter was in that car accident I’ve decided that having a local , like Hutchison & Stoy, PLLC., in my phone contacts isn’t such a bad idea.  I just may need their services one day.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve needed a personal injury lawyer or wished you’d hired one?

3 thoughts on “When Life Comes At You Fast — LITERALLY

  1. I have not had to get a personal injury lawyer yet, but we at any moment can get in a car wreck, and this is something I fear. I hope I never get in one and I am so glad that your daughter is okay.

  2. There have been times I would have wanted one, but so far, haven’t. That was a scary experience for everyone involved.

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