5 Ways to Ensure Your Travel Backpack is More Than Your Average Backpack

When it comes to traveling, I like to travel as light as possible, but I also want to make sure that my clothes are wearable when I unpack them at the other end. I’ve recently invested in a new carry-on backpack that seems to solve all my problems. It’s light, spacious and versatile, plus its compartments keep my clothes and possessions in place until it’s time to lift the lid. If you’re planning to buy a new in the near future, here are five things to look out for, to make sure that your new backpack is more than your average backpack.

  1. Make sure it’s expandable

While my travel backpack can easily accommodate all the stuff I need for a short trip, if I want to add a couple more items for a longer vacation, I can simply open up the zip to give me an extra 10 liters of space. The bag itself opens like a clamshell for easier packing plus, as there’s compression straps built into the bag, I can be sure that my possessions are going to stay where I put them. And, when I’m unpacked, it folds down flat for ease of storage.

  1. A Removable Electronics Sleeve

Struggling to remove your laptop at the security check-in is no fun, especially when you realize that somehow your bag of liquids has made its way to the bottom of your backpack. The travel backpack makes scrabbling to locate your screenable items a thing of the past, with a removable electronics sleeve, and compartments to separate and organize your stuff.

  1. Handy External Pockets for Documents and more

Hands up if you’re constantly searching for passports, travel documents and other paperwork throughout your trip? My travel backpack has convenient external pockets on the front which makes it easy to put my hands on the documents I need. Plus, it keeps them straight and crease-free too.

  1. Several Carrying Options

While this bag can be carried as a conventional suitcase using the top or side handles, it also has a removable strap for shoulder use plus, best of all, there are concealed straps to turn it into a versatile backpack, making it great for hands-free traveling. Those top and side handles also come in very handy for pulling it down from the overhead lockers.

  1. Check that it’s water resistant

You won’t know the benefits of having a water-resistant bag until your bag’s been subjected to a torrential downpour. This travel bag is not only water-resistant, but it comes with its own rain cover to ensure your electronics and other valuables stay dry. Plus, the water-resistant coating makes it really easy to clean too.

The Takeaway

Traveling can be stressful enough without worrying about your luggage. Invest in a versatile travel backpack and that stress will be decreased. They’re easy to pack, hold lots more than you think, and make for effortless negotiation of the security checks at airports. So, for that point alone, I wouldn’t be without my carry-on backpack.

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