A (K)night of Celebration at Medieval Times

Some of the tickets we received to attend the Medieval Times dinner were compensated.

Our daughter only asked for one thing to celebrate her High School Graduation and that was to go to Medieval Times, because there’s nothing like celebrating a coming of age milestone with a meal you get to eat with your fingers and a bit of jousting for entertainment .

medieval times!!!

The Medieval Times Castles take you back to a time of knights, horsemanship and chivalry.  We attended the show at the Dallas Castle.  You can enter the castle 75 minutes prior to the start of your show.  If you haven’t upgraded your tickets to a Celebration, Royalty or King’s Royalty package, I suggest arriving as early as you can to get the best seats.  Honestly though, you’ll get a pretty good view of the arena no matter where you end up sitting.

The indoor courtyard of the castle has plenty to keep you occupied before the show begins and you’re escorted to your table.   Beverages for the young & drinks for 21+ are available for purchase and there are a number of kiosks to buy souvenirs and items to help cheer your knights on.  There are knighting ceremonies to watch, and suits of armor & weapons to be fascinated by as well.  You can also visit the “Torture Chamber” for an additional small charge.

We were seated in the Red Section, thus cheering for the Red Knight.  Ironically enough the last time we went to Medieval Times at the Kissimmee location ten years ago, we also were cheering for the Red Knight.

The show is full of entertainment.

The horses are majestic.


Medieval Times Dallas Horses

Medieval Times Andalusian

The falcon and its handler inspiring.

Falcon Medieval Times

Falcon Medieval Times Dallas

Falcon Handler Medieval Times

And the two teenage girls with us were a little more focused on the handsome knights than on the animals .

Throughout the entire show you’re kept entertained with medieval games of showmanship and then of course the grand finale of the jousting event.

For the protection of the guests a netted screen goes down when the jousting competition starts.

Don’t let the fact that you are without fork, knife or spoon fool you into thinking you’re not in a fine dining establishment.  From the first course of soup and bread, to your main serving of chicken, a rib and herbed potato, to the apple pastry to finish your meal off – you’ll be indulging in delicious fare.

If you live near a Medieval Times Castle or will be vacationing near one, it’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion, and really isn’t a fun outing with your family reason enough to celebrate?!  I think so!

Medieval Times usually has some kind of promotion going on to help save you money too!  Check out their website to find the current ones at the castle nearest you.

You can find out more about the Medieval Times Dallas location including where it’s located, ticket prices and special events & prices on the Medieval Times websiteFacebook and Instagram.  Not in the DFW area?  Then connect with all the Medieval Times Castles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

9 thoughts on “A (K)night of Celebration at Medieval Times

  1. We just went to the Orlando castle for the 2nd time. It's such a fun show. And it's nice to see that the castles offer the same experience.

  2. Medieval Times is really a great show! I am lucky to have the one in IL so close to me.. only about 15 minutes away. I should take the kids next time we go LOL!

  3. Thanks for taking us when we came to visit. It was a great time and I enjoyed the men on horseback too.

  4. Honestly, my boys and I love this show. We would probably go to it all the time if we had one near us. Looks like you all had a fantastic time too!

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