“A Critical Loss of Balance” – Book Review/Giveaway

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“A Critical Loss of Balance”  is a suspenseful thriller about every parent’s worst nightmare – having your very own child being kidnapped – and the circumstances that follow.

The mystery opens with main character Cliff Elliott thinking he had endured the worst thing a parent could endure when his nine year old daughter was kidnapped, but he was wrong.  Elliott finds that the circumstances leading to her return are far worse than anything he could have imagined and suddenly his entire life was cast out balance.

A Critical Loss of Balance is the third novel of suspense from Mark E. Shaver, author of ’The Second Verdict’ and ’After the Fact’. He and his wife reside in Texas. For more info about Shaver, check out his Amazon profile and his personal website –www.markshaversmysteries.com

I’m often amazed at authors who write criminal/mystery fiction, because so many things need to be thought out through to the end of a book in order to be believable.  At first I had though that Shaver missed the mark on the believability portion, but then the book would take a turn that I didn’t see coming to (excuse the pun) ‘balance’ the plot out again, and one also is brought back to the fact that it is after all a story, and doesn’t ALWAYS have to be believable.

The reality though is the loss of balance Cliff goes through.  Even on a smaller scale I think everyone can relate to that feeling.  Whether it’s getting caught up in work, extra activities, hobbies….something that just takes over to the point that you must complete it or you feel no satisfaction.  Cliff’s however is much bigger and much more consuming loss of balance.

The one thing I did find while reading is that there are a lot of characters in the book.  Trying to keep track of them all and where they fit into the big picture of the story was confusing at times.

While this is classified as a mystery I would tag it as more of a suspense or thriller, it isn’t a typical who dunnit type of book.

I was provided with a digital copy of this book for review purposes.

One reader will win a copy of A Critical Loss of Balance.

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