A Chance to Win $500 from Honey Bunches of Oats – Submit a 15 Second Video in their Sweepstakes!

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Honey Bunches of Oats recently launched a new brand anthem “Smile While You Shake It,” to celebrate what it means to start the day off with a smile. The fun and upbeat song, inspired by Samba beats, incorporates the cereal box and breakfast utensils as percussion instruments.

It is catchy and fun for families to make it their own. In fact, to encourage fans to join the movement, Honey Bunches of Oats is giving away $500 each week, until June!

So, how do you enter?
1. Visit BunchOfBeats.com
2. Watch the “Smile While You Shake It” video to get into the groove!
3. Record and Upload your own video version

It’s that easy – 15 seconds of dancing could win you $500! (Please note, when you upload your video, it will only be eligible in that week’s drawing, so make sure to upload a new video each week to increase your chances of winning!)

You can also access the “Bunch of Beats” site and enter using your smart phone, desktop computer, laptop, or iPad.

It’s so easy – you can even learn the “official” dance routine from Domino Saints (see the tutorial video on the microsite or Facebook page), or share your own original dance moves – both are eligible for the sweepstakes. Just hit the “Record Yourself” button and get grooving. The video can star you, your kids…even your pet.

And what’s with the song? To appeal to all Honey Bunches of Oats fans, the brand signed on up-and-coming pop-star duo Domino Saints, who effortlessly weaves Spanish lyrics into the predominantly English song. The song, the talent, and all the campaign elements truly embody the Honey Bunches of Oats spirit of cultural inclusiveness and positivity! The catchy hook is guaranteed to make you smile.

Honey Bunches of Oats wants to spread smiles from coast-to-coast and so we want to encourage you to start shaking and enter the sweeps!

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