Theo Home Edition Review

Our reviewer Heather received a media sample to facilitate review. All opinions are her own.
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Teaching children God’s word is not always as easy as it seems and the Theo animated series was created to help parents and teachers give children a basic understanding of their Christian faith.

God’s Grace Home Edition, 1 of 3 new Home Editions, provides three new lessons: “Armor of God,” “Redemption,” and “New Birth”  Plus, the Home Edition includes a 16-page Parent’s Guide with discussion questions, fun activities, and nightly devotionals that parent’s, teachers, and especially children will be blessed with as they study God’s word together.

Our reviewer Heather received the God’s Grace Home Edition to view with her children and this is what she thought of it:

We really enjoy the Home Edition Theo DVD’s focusing on God’s Grace. As a parent, I love that they’re Biblically sound. The kids love that they’re animated, and adore the cute little mice. The messages on this particular DVD deal with the Armor of God, Redemption, and New Birth – all difficult subjects for small children to grasp. But the Home Edition Theo DVD’s do a fabulous job of bringing these topics down to their level.

I love that they’re short, approximately 10 minutes each, and can be played anytime we need some positive reinforcement or a change of pace from school work! The animation is very well done, and kids seem to be captivated by the cute characters. This DVD also lends itself very well to being used in a church setting for teaching Sunday school. We highly recommend Theo for Teaching Children God’s Word.

Our hope is that parent’s will enjoy a special time studying the Bible with their children today using the new Theo Home Edition as their guide.

30 thoughts on “Theo Home Edition Review

  1. Oh wow I love this. Always nice to start teaching kids about early on! I never did so I know I missed out a lot as a child on learning about God!

  2. I wonder if my son would enjoy these…he learns about his faith in school, but maybe a fun way of learning at home would be good too?

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