8 Ways to be Studded With Style!

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Like a little embellishment on your fashion accessories?  Studs are so pretty and they can make an ordinary piece, extraordinary.  Here are 8 items studded with style!

Chain Strap Bag

Source: baghaus.com

Stackable Bracelets

Source: shopstyle.com

Iconic Camera Cases

Source: pocket-lint.com

Clutch That Works for Summer and Fall

Source: us.topshop.com


Source: zappos.com

Headband with Studded Style

Source: amazon.com

Jacket Bedazzled with Studs

Source: buckle.com

Studded Tote

Source: bluefly.com

Guess Stone Studded Watch

Source: amazon.com

How about you?  Studs for fashion…yes or no?

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