7 Ways to Celebrate National Strawberry Day

February 27 is National Strawberry Day – I LOVE strawberries.  I make sure that I pick plenty in season and then flash freeze them so I can have them all year round.  They are the best on fresh pancakes with whipped cream!  Did you know that strawberries are Oklahoma’s state fruit?  Here are a few ways you can celebrate National Strawberry Day!

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Pick up a five pound container of TWIZZLERS Twists, Strawberry Flavored Licorice Candy, to get the taste of strawberries with every bite.

Strawberry Day

Accessorize your February fashion with strawberry earrings

Blast Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beetles all day long.

Curl up with Carolyn Brown’s sweet romance, The Strawberry Hearts Diner.

Keep your lips luscious with Sky Organics Strawberry Lip Balms.

Make sure your March calendar is up to date by recording your appointments with a  Strawberry scented lollypop pen

Check out these fun strawberry ‘lady bugs’ that you can make with your kids and then eat 🙂

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