6 Tips to Declutter Your Home

The heat is ramping up and more and more people are spending lots of time inside. Lots of time inside also means that your home is probably getting dustier, more cluttered, and a little more unorganized too. Time to declutter! If you do not know where to start when it comes to decluttering, I am here to help! Here are 6 tips to declutter your home:

Go room by room

Decluttering a house can be a huge and difficult task to accomplish. Instead of stressing over decluttering the entire house in one weekend, work room by room to help you achieve your goal. This will break the process down into steps and keep you motivated and productive!

Have someone to hold you accountable

Unless you are extremely motivated, sticking to a goal that does not have a set end can be difficult. Find a friend or family member who can hold you accountable for your decluttering! Set attainable goals that both you and your accountability partner are aware of, and have them check up on you by your set “due date” to make sure you are staying on top of and reaching your goals. If you have a friend or family member who also wants to declutter, set goals that you can both achieve so that you can work through the process together!

Say bye to one thing each day

For many people, the most difficult part of decluttering is giving up possessions that they feel they will miss. One thing that can ease this fear is to give yourself of getting rid of only one item a day. Parting with one thing is much easier than filling boxes and boxes and dropping them off! Even getting rid of only one item a day can make a huge difference in your home in a very short time. Eventually, parting with your possessions will become easier and more bearable. 

Declutter Your Home

Use the hanger method

This is one of my very favorite ways to declutter. The very best part is, it takes very minimal work on your part! So what is the “hanger” method? Made famous by Oprah, the hanger method is a decluttering tool that helps you to identify which clothing in your closet you do not wear enough to justify keeping. Once a year, turn all of the hangers in your closet backwards, so that you have to life the clothing backwards off the rack to remove it. After you wear it, turn the hanger around to the normal direction. In 6 months (or a year if you want to be generous with yourself), go through your closet and see which hangers have not been switched back to the normal direction. These are clothes which you have not worn in 6 months to a year, and should be donated. You can use this method in other rooms for other types of items as well!

Say bye to old furniture

Get rid of all old furniture because who needs that sitting around?! If you have heavy pieces, rely on one of the top moving companies out there – . With them, you can expect top-quality service and they are highly-rated, too. These go above and beyond. Their goal is to exceed your expectations by customizing their moving services to fit your needs. They say, “We work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver first-rate customer service and offer the best moving experience possible.”


Time to clean

Once you have everything decluttered and moved, it is time to clean and make your “new” home sparkle. You will feel so much better after completing this last step! Start with the places that you never think about cleaning such as your baseboards, kitchen cabinets, and even under your bed. That way, you get all of the “harder” places out of the way and by the end of the day, you are working on your normal, basic cleaning tasks, which should be a walk in the park. 

There you go – just a few tips to help you declutter your home. I hope these helped and after you declutter your home, I hope you feel accomplished!

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