3 Reasons You Need a Comic as an Ebook

You are a collector. And no, I’m not talking about the powerful entity in the Marvel Universe. Instead you value a time when superheroes began to storm their way across the world. You loved the arcs, the narratives, and the over-the-top battles that those costumed vigilantes would have with each other. You love the feeling of death and loss, while being able to rejoice when your favorite heroes actually live good lives. You’ve been on top of most issues. In short, there is nothing quite like owning a comic book.These golden mediums of storytelling are not only captivating, but they are also rare and valuable. To have one of the old “Tales to Astonish” books would make you a very rich man (or a very poor one, depending how you obtained it). You’d the envy of all of your fellow superhero-loving friends. But did you ever consider not having a physical comic book at all? What if you instead had a digital copy of the same thing? It sounds like blasphemy, doesn’t it? Truth be told though, it actually makes more practical sense than you’d think. Here are four reasons you should actually consider getting a comic as an ebook.

1- You Won’t Fork Over Your Entire Paycheck

It is no secret that there are some comic books out there that are so expensive and valuable, that owning one is nearly impossible. Some are legendary for introducing a certain character for the first time ever- a character who has since become an icon in today’s culture. Just go to your local comic shop, and you’ll see how pricey some these things can get. Some of the higher-end issues can set you back around $200. That’s not even the worst of it.Man holding old US dollars in his hand.

, the comic that first introduced Iron Man sold for a record of $262,000. Forget your weekly paycheck, that’s the cost of a house, people. Conversely, you can download the same issue as an ebook for the measly price of $1.99. Starting to see the benefit here? You may not have bragging rights that you can frame on your wall, but if you’re a true comic fan, the excitement of reading the story will be more than enough to satisfy you. Ign.com says that the biggest reason most people don’t read comics is because they cost too much. Well, if you download them as ebooks, then you avoid the problem altogether.

2- You’ll Find What You’re Looking For

This is not just a problem with comic books, but also pretty much every market that’s out there. Often times, when you’re searching for a particular comic book, it will not be in stock. Whether this is because it’s too popular or not popular enough, you’ve found yourself ready to pull your hair out because you’re dying to know how the story ends or progresses. Again, this is another issue that is not just simply not present if you choose to get an ebook. At all times, every issue will be available at any point during the day. Just type in the comic you’re looking for, pay that small fee, download it, and you’re good to go. And if it drops you in another cliffhanger, you can easily purchase the next issue as well.

3- You Won’t Be Afraid to Read Them

One of the biggest fears comic book collectors have is tainting the condition of their issues. Some are even so afraid to the point where they will never read their comic, they’ll simply keep it in its original packaging to preserve its value. And why wouldn’t you with issues going up to several grand? that it’s simply ridiculous that the worth of comic books is so great that they can’t even be used for what they were intended for- to be read. That’s why getting an ebook of an issue is a fantastic alternative. You will never have to worry about its condition, and you’ll always feel free to read it as many times as you desire.

comic ebook

Comics are a great source of storytelling, and the amount of depth and twists that are put into them is astounding. Ultimately, however, comics were meant to be enjoyed and read by multitudes of people, not collected and sold for profit. So to distance yourself from the real world problems of collecting comic books, you can simply get them as ebooks. There are great devices that support them too, like the . With all these advantages, it’s almost a no-brainer to make the switch to digital comics.

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