12 Recipes Perfect for a Graduation Party

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I cannot believe that it’s only 3 weeks until my baby graduates from high school.  I’m seriously behind on the party planning.  It’s a good thing my parents are coming in a week before the big day, because I’m going to need my mom’s help to pull Amber’s graduation party off smoothly.

I have a few things purchased and put aside for the menu already, but it’s always good to prime the pump for more ideas.  We’re talking a passel of hungry teenagers!  And if I should happen to have some free time in the next couple of weeks (ha ha!), I may attempt some of the tasty treats I bookmarked in my Foodie collection above.

Which one of these recipes would you want to make?

16 thoughts on “12 Recipes Perfect for a Graduation Party

  1. They all look so good! I am going to have to make the Diploma Sandwiches. These are all such great recipes!

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