100 Day Guarantee with Sol Republic Tracks Air

I spend a lot of my day with headphones on.  Listening to music while working by day and having them on while I game at night (yes, for those of you who don’t know I have a secret life where I play World of Warcraft for hours on end).  Problem is sometimes I forget I have them on and try and walk away from my computer and ‘YANK,’ I stumble across the floor, or rip the USB plug out or I roll my chair over the cords.  You’d think that after a time or two I’d remember, but sometimes I can be a slow learner.  I have had more pairs of headphones than I care to admit.

I was pretty thrilled when on Christmas Eve of all days, I had a box waiting by my front door (from Santa perhaps?!  We may never know…) that had a pair of Tracks Air from Sol Republic in them.  (Don’t burst my bubble, I know that Sol Republic kindly sent them to me to review, but I’d still like to think I was on the Nice list this year!)  The reason why I was so thrilled…they are wireless!

These wireless noise-isolating headphones (What was that dear?  I can’t hear you because I have my headphones on…Oh you wanted me to look at the camera?  Why didn’t you say so?!) are designed in partnership with Motorola.

They include A2 SOUND ENGINES™ which give clear, detailed, deep bass sound with a powerful digital amplifier.  DUAL-MIC CRYSTALTALK™ TECHNOLOGY, meaning clear phone calls, anytime, anywhere.  Or in my case the ability to raid with my guild and share my displeasure at wiping on a boss..again…

They also support NFC ONE TOUCH PAIRING, where you can just touch your device to it to connect if your device supports it.  BUILT IN VOLUME & TRACK CONTROLS are right on the right earphone.  Plus they have a SUPER POWER WIRELESS™ range, up to 5x the normal range of a wireless headset.  And trust me I’ve been taking advantage of the ‘free range’ I’ve been given with the Tracks Air.  Getting up to refill my coffee cup or wine glass while still being able to hear my music or what’s going on in our chat channel on raid nights. The noise-isolating means I can even vacuum and still hear my music at the same time! (Lest you think all I do is sit around and play video games!)

Another feature that is especially handy is being able to CONNECT TO MULTIPLE DEVICES simultaneously.  Any of you who have had the frustration of having to decouple a wireless keyboard or speaker and recouple it in the next room, will understand how awesome that feature is. 

But the really impressive thing about the Tracks Air headphones…they come with a 100-day Money Back Guarantee*.

Not only are the Tracks Air Wireless easy to pair up to my computer via Bluetooth, I love how when I turn them on they tell me how many hours of available listening time there is left on them.  When I need to recharge them, I just have to plug them into an available USB slot. 

As for the sound quality, it’s very good.  The only degradation I’ve noticed is when I have two input sources going on at the same time, like when we’re playing World of Warcraft and I have both the game sound coming through and our chat channel as well.  Then the sound isn’t as clear.  I’m unsure about the quality of the mic only because I can’t hear myself, lol!  My co-players have mentioned that I sound different than I did with my last set, higher pitched…which is probably more of my real voice than my other headset produced 😉

Regardless I am so enamoured with being cord free, I won’t be taking Sol Republic up on the 100-day Money Back Guarantee that they offer, but it’s still great to know that it’s on the table should someone not be as thrilled with their Tracks Air headphones as I am.  You can find Tracks Air at RadioShack.com, and you can learn more about them on Sol Republic’s website as well.

*The Fine Print: The Guarantee applies only to Tracks Air wireless headphones purchased on or after October 15, 2014 directly from SOL REPUBLIC via the official Web Site at www.solrepublic.com. Tracks Air headphones must be returned within 100 days following purchase to be eligible for a refund.

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