Zazzle Product Review

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This post comes with an incredibly fun self-promotion of…ME.  Hey, I let you know ahead of time!

So since I got my iPhone, I’ve been a little obsessed with cases.  It’s fun to buy them in different colors and types, but even more so when you can personalize them any way you like.  One online shop I have a great time exploring for accessories for my iPhone is Zazzle.  They really have some unique and cute designs from the people that sell using the Zazzle storefront, or you can design your own.

Which is just what I did!  (Here’s where the self promotion part comes in .)  I only know a few people that are going to Blissdom, but hope to get to know a lot more – the thing with blogging is, we often get to know each other by ‘our blogs’ before we actually meet, so I figure it would be good to have myself ‘labeled’ in some way so people can figure out which blog I ‘belong’ to!  

I also figure I’ll have my phone out quite a bit, whether it’s to Tweet or take quick photos, or just to check my e-mail, and so why not make an iPhone Skin on Zazzle with my blog name on it?!

I found this super cute image on Flickr in the Creative Commons section that I used to create the skin for my phone and it’s just perfect for the conference at hand!  And then I added my domain url at the bottom.

This skin is really well made, the vinyl is thick, so it’s not flimsy.  And the screen print is clear and the color really bold.  It was so easy to apply to my phone too, one try and I was done!  I haven’t tried taking it off yet, but the product states that it won’t leave residue on the phone either…I guess I’ll find out when I remove it.

The thing about Zazzle though is the fact that they have SO many things that you can choose from to personalize and make your own.  

They feature products from baby shower invitations, birth invitations, and postage to water bottles and t-shirts, skins for your smart phone and covers for your tablet, stickers and binders and ….well I could go on and on!

Have you ever ordered anything from Zazzle?  If so what did you get?

Tammy Litke received a promotional gift certificate from in order to do this review.  All opinions are her own.

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