The Causes Of Yellow Teeth And Common Home Remedies

Many research studies have stated that the first thing people notice in someone’s face is their eyes. However, it all changes when the person is smiling. Suddenly, our attention is focused on the mouth’s curve, with all of the glistening teeth slipping through this ornate opening. There are a lot of reasons why many ideologies encourage people to smile. It creates a positive connotation to everyone around you, and that is a good thing.

However, some people might feel insecure about theirs for a lot of reasons. As most people would see first, if they smile, many try to hide it. Others feel like their smiles are not worthy of being seen by anybody. In most cases, it is often attributed to genetic factors that lead to many dental problems. For example, having a crooked set of teeth is one of the more common problems attributed to genetics.

Meanwhile, there is another type of issue that people might get when they grow older: discoloration. It is often referred to as “yellowing” because of the yellowish hue that permeates the teeth’ surface. This is usually seen in the molars as it is the natural progression. However, it can also happen on the front sides, causing many self-esteem issues, especially amongst the younger generation. Everything seems to be all about the looks these days, and everyone wants to see even a glimpse of perfection in themselves.


Misconceptions Regarding Dental Beauty

As this article () may have implied, many people think that having a perfect set of pearly whites is the way to go. After all, this is what you can see in celebrities and other famous people. When they smile at the camera, their teeth seem to glisten like diamonds, and it can be hard not to envy that. This instance is especially true for many who may always have dental problems growing up.

However, the “whiteness” of the teeth is not an indication of health. According to many research studies, the healthiest color that it could have is slightly yellowish. It is not supposed to have the bleached effect that so many others wish for since too much whitening can damage your entire mouth. Also, it is an unrealistic perception of beauty that should be abolished immediately.

On the other hand, there are dental cases wherein the yellow can be unbearable. Have you ever seen cases wherein it is already bordering on the sunshine side? However, instead of the bright sunlight, it emulates more of a sulfuric quality, which does not look good. We do not advise being discriminatory against people who have this condition, and it is essential to know and understand what caused this to happen. Meanwhile, if you have this condition, there is still always hope for you.


Common Causes Of Yellowing

Yellow Teeth

  1. Food Choices

We all know that everything we eat passes through the mouth. Unless you do not have many teeth, you need this part of your mouth to break down food into smaller pieces. Due to this process, the colors in your food can affect the colors of your enamel. That is the outer part or covering of the tooth, which protects the inner layers that house nerves and blood vessels.

Many food items have tannins, particles that give colors to many fruits and vegetables. It can also be present in drinks like wine, sodas, fruit juices, and coffee. If you consume many of these items every day, then there is a fair chance you would see its effects immediately. It can stick to the surface and cause discoloration, as mentioned earlier.

  1. Smoking

You may have already seen so many anti-smoking ads in your life, which is considered a leading cause of yellowing teeth. Unlike tannins, though, these are much more apparent since smoking compounds can quickly leave a stain on your enamel, especially nicotine. This is why it is used to identify heavy smokers since most of them have bad, uneven, or yellow teeth already bordering on orange.  

  1. Other Health Problems

Meanwhile, several health concerns can still affect the color of your enamel. It can be because of the medication or the disease itself. Mouth cancers are often diagnosed through the tooth and gums, which can also cause discoloration. Meanwhile, cancer treatments can again do something similar since the drugs need to be taken orally.

  1. Poor Hygiene

Many people think that if you brush many times per day, you can have the healthiest pearly whites ever. Unfortunately, this is relatively far from the truth since too much brushing can damage the enamel and gums. Meanwhile, not brushing at all have its complications, and the least of your worries is the color change. It can damage the nerves inside the tooth once the cavities become more extensive, and infections start to happen.

  1. Aging and Natural Conditions

This is somewhat unavoidable, but you should know that our teeth are the last thing to disintegrate or be damaged after we die. Along with bones, they are also the latest way for experts to identify remains. However, this still means that it can downgrade as we advance in age. Along with our food and lifestyle choices, all of these can even contribute to an off-colored enamel.


Home Remedies That Can Help A Lot

Home Remedies

You might be wondering and dreaming of how you can still have the almost-pearl colors for your teeth. There are several ways to achieve those pearly whites but do not expect to , as some ads online might say. Some of these treatments can be effective, but you still need to exercise caution when using them. Otherwise, applying these procedures could lead to worse dental conditions, and you may need to seek a dentist already. Worse, it can lead to dental emergencies that can change your oral and facial structure.

  1. Regular Gentle Brushing and Flossing

There is nothing more significant than good dental hygiene, as most dentists would agree. However, it is not as simple as just brushing every hour. As mentioned prior to this section, too much brushing is still not healthy for your enamel. It would help if you treated it gently, using a toothpaste with fluoride and calcium for better results. The toothpaste should have no colors once it dissolves in your mouth since artificial colors can still have the same effects as tannins.

Meanwhile, a part of dental hygiene that people always forget is flossing. It is understandable since using floss might take a lot of time to finish it. Not everyone can do proper flossing in the morning, especially if you have a hectic schedule. However, it is vital to do it every day since it removes the teeth’ food debris. Rushing alone cannot remove some of them once they are already stuck.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide + Baking Soda

If you want a little faster solution, you can try using baking soda plus hydrogen peroxide (). It is a flexible choice since you can mix it into a paste or add it to your gargling water. Be careful not to ingest the baking soda solution; this solution is safe and can be used every day. Many people who have used this have seen results in just a few weeks. However, it would be best if you were careful as using too much of this solution might end up scraping off your enamel.

  1. Coconut Oil

This is rather confidential, but coconut oil has been said to be effective in lifting off plaques and colors stuck to your tooth. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and let it sit there without swallowing it. You might want to be careful that it should not touch the back of your throat since you might end up drinking it. On the other hand, some studies talk about the dangers of using it since it can erode your teeth’ outer covering.

  1. Apple Cider

One good example of a substance that you should keep away from your teeth as much as possible is acid. However, it can be useful in smaller amounts like dabbing it on cotton. You can start by gently rubbing it on the surface of your teeth. After this, brush them as per usual and continue with this routine for a few weeks. You might be able to see a paler color, but this depends on your dental condition.

  1. Activated Carbon

Activated carbon or charcoal is another substance that has gained a lot of traction over the years. It is said to have the capability of lifting off the dirt and other substances off the human body. Activated charcoal can act in the same way as the previously mentioned substances. However, it is said to be more effective since it does not erode the enamel quite quickly. It would help if you brushed with it regularly, depending on the product that you have chosen.


Doctor’s Orders

These home remedies might work for some of you, especially if you know what you are doing. It would be best to have researched it well before trying to use it on your tooth. Regular brushing and flossing is the safest and most effective way of taking care of your dental health. It would help if you tracked your diet since it has the most contributions out of any of the factors for discoloration. Avoid smoking as much as possible, as even cannabis use can also contribute to damaged teeth.

Meanwhile, there are some instances wherein you might need to check with your dentist. If the home remedy of your choice did not yield the right results, then it is time to go to their clinic. They can diagnose the condition if there is any and give proper medical treatment if applicable. Surgery and other invasive procedures might be done if the damage was extensive. Read about your several possible options here: .

On the other hand, you can approach a cosmetic dentist if you want to have whiter teeth. They can do cleaning and bleaching to achieve the proper white for your enamel. Also, they can straighten your teeth so that they would be aligned with each other. Once it is done, you will not just have a shining set of teeth but straight enough that toothpaste commercials might approach you.

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  1. I found some good solutions here! I’m going to try some of them, I need to whiten my teeth but not sure I want to pay my dentist to do it 😉

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