What To Do If You Are Stranded And Need Towing

Specific fears that drivers share are potential breakdowns or involvement in an accident. Some of those feelings have a basis in the notion of abandonment in unfamiliar territory where there may be little traffic to offer help. Paying close attention to maintenance requirements associated with the car, not to mention being safe and conscientious behind the wheel, can help minimize these situations.

If you notice warning lights suggesting a problem on the dash of your vehicle, it’s an indication to stop for inspection immediately. Continuing to drive a vehicle in distress, with at the very least the potential for overheating, can lead to extensive damage. It also brings your fear to reality because the car will likely leave you sitting, maybe in a remote area, waiting for a professional towing service, . Not to mention the expense that the extensive repairs will involve.

What To Do If You Find Yourself Stranded With A Break Down

You can do all the right things with your vehicle as far as regular servicing, follow the laws of the road to the letter, and maintain the ideal driving record but still find yourself stranded along the route. The hero in this, what would otherwise deem dire, situation would be a professional towing service.

Before you make that call, you need to take steps to keep yourself safe and ensure the vehicle is in a convenient space.

  • The Automobile:  Primarily, it’s essential to try to get off the road to avoid hazardous conditions in traffic and maintain a sense of calm. Panicking can cause a bad situation to become much worse. If at all possible, you should ideally find a place to park out of the way but convenient for towing and immediately engage the hazard lights. for some tips and tricks if you opt for DIY.
  • Ensuring Security: After getting situated adequately, make sure everything is secure, so there is no movement. That would include turning the steering wheel toward the road’s shoulder as far as it can go and putting on the emergency brake.
  • Visibility: Ensuring you are visible to everyone around you is crucial for your safety and those driving by. You don’t want to be responsible for accidents or someone getting hurt because you’re unseen, or no one realizes the automobile is malfunctioning. Immediately at the sign that there is a problem happening with the car, turn the hazard lights and the interior lights on so drivers know you’re in distress. These make you visible and warn other drivers to slow down, take care, and be vigilant.

In some cases, people take extra precautions by placing a white piece of material or rag on the driver door handle to indicate their break down. Anything that you feel may make you more noticeable from a distance, particularly for the tow driver trying to find you.

  • The problem:  Try to see if you can assess what the problem is with the vehicle. There is always the possibility that it is a minor issue, but often it will be something requiring a mechanic to repair. In many cases, the place that you call will need you to have some idea of the problem with the car. You need to be able to explain in great detail what happened, any warning lights on the dash, sounds, so the issue can be diagnosed.

The tow service will most often take you where you need to go, especially if you have a mechanic or garage with which you typically work.

  • Figure out the area:  Knowing the location is critical for those coming to help, meaning you need to take note of the markers in an effort for them to track you. The ideal situation with a professional company is to have the fastest route to you so they can assist in a timely fashion. It’s up to you to look at the surroundings for any road signs or mile markers or exits so you can advise as much information as possible to get the driver there quickly.

For the most part, these experts are relatively familiar with the surrounding areas. The driver can designate the route to get from his location to you with landmarks you provide.

  • Stay in the car: , particularly in a remote area, remain in the vehicle with the seat belt on and the doors locked until help arrives. When the automobile is in a safe location, it’s appropriate to leave the vehicle to search for landmarks to find you, but then it’s critical to get back in where you’re protected. The danger from potential traffic, possible criminal activity, or severe weather warrants keeping the doors and windows sealed.

The suggestion is that you not attempt to work on the car, particularly if you’re not versed in mechanics. Not only are you putting yourself in harm’s way, but you can do more damage and end up raising the costs for repairs significantly. The problem may be small, but allow the mechanic to do the work properly.

Batteries die, tires go flat, and cars leave us stranded for unknown reasons in unfamiliar locations at frequently odd hours. It’s vital that you be prepared for the worst each time you drive, so when and if it happens, you have a course of action, including towing services.

Prevention is key as a driver on the road. It isn’t going to 100% avoid accidents and breakdowns, but it will minimize the likelihood. Make sure that you engage in regular servicing and do the appropriate maintenance and upkeep a responsible automobile owner should. A piece of equipment is only as good as the care that it receives. Also, important is whether the person operating it does so safely, correctly, and in line with the laws.

need towing

If you don’t feel that you can commit to the care required to properly maintain an automobile or find that you may not be responsible behind the wheel, don’t get in a car.

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  1. That’s a good idea to make sure that you know how to direct the tow truck to your location. I could see them that would help them to find you faster and help you get your car to safety. I’ll have to make sure I look for street signs and other landmarks if I ever have to have someone tow my car.

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