What do Roses, Horses and Me, Have in Common?

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We’re all going to be at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday!!

How exciting, right?!

Thanks to Pure Leaf, I’ll be heading out to Kentucky on Thursday and attending the Taste of the Derby  that evening. Then on Friday, I’ll take part in a Pure Leaf Iced Tea brand immersion with some other great bloggers, and then we’ll be treated to a behind the scenes tour of Churchill Downs on Kentucky Oaks day.

Saturday will begin at our hotel (luxury at it’s finest – The Brown), where we’ll be exposed to cocktails and pairings from Gail Simmons. Then we’ll be going back to Churchill Downs, get to spend time in the Pure Leaf booth with Gail, and then get to experience “THE” horse race – The Kentucky Derby!

One of the best parts … my b.f.f. is coming along with me! So during the down time when I’m not participating in Pure Leaf events, we’ll be checking out some other things – food and fun – I can’t wait!

I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have to do social networking – but make sure you stay up to date with my personal Facebook page (ask to be my friend if you’d like to see updates – just add to the message area that you’re a blog follower – my phone is only connected to my personal account) and/or Twitter accounts – because I may be throwing up a picture or two, and status updates while I’m there .

Want to plan your own Kentucky Derby Party?  Check out their site, and stay tuned for a couple of Gail’s very own hand-crafted Derby cocktails incorporating Pure Leaf in the upcoming days as blog posts.  Now I’m going to sign off as I have to find a ‘Kentucky Derby worthy’ hat to wear…!

I have been invited to participate in a taste immersion experience with Pure Leaf, for which they provided full travel expenses, meals and accommodations and other premiums, however my opinions are completely my own and I have not been compensated to publish positive or negative reviews of the event or products associated with my experience.

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