Wearable Instruments For the Whole Family

Last year we visited the Texas Renaissance Festival for the first time.  Our daughter quickly found everything and anything pertaining to Hyrule and world of The Legend of Zelda.  She beelined to any and every ocarina kiosk she saw.

I’m not entirely sure I would have appreciated her learning to play, but now that she’s at college… 😉

Much to my (and probably hers when she finds out) delight, I was approached to include the STL Ocarina Necklaces as a gift feature this year on my blog.

This is a fully functional 6-hole C Major ocarina that is only 2 inches in size. It weighs less than 1.5 ounces and comes with an adjustable neck strap. They have included a fingering chart with this ocarina as well.

These musical fashion gifts are on sale for $18 (regularly $22) with six different colors and shapes available. Break into tune while wearing a fashionable piece of art!

Another brilliant gift you could get if your Ocarina lover isn’t into jewelry is a Teacarina

Fans of Marvel comics and movies, music, and The Legend of Zelda LOVE the ocarina – it’s an easy-to-play wind instrument with enchanting, melodic sounds and roots in ancient cultures around the world. It’s an inexpensive and stress-relieving gift for adults and kids of all ages.

So if you have fans of those genres in your home start them on a new adventure this holiday season!  See all the items STL Ocarina has to fill stockings or place under the tree.

7 thoughts on “Wearable Instruments For the Whole Family

  1. Oh, that is so lovely, I adore these 🙂 My sons would get a kick out of them and we are a family that loves delightful music 🙂

  2. How unique! I've never seen one before, but it does sound beautiful. I can see why it was appealing to your daughter. If I had any musical talent, I'd get one for myself.

  3. I've never seen anything like that before! I can tell you if my daughter had one we'd never have silence in our home again!

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