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Check out these fun t-shirts from Wearable Art.


Wearable Art is a fun, unique twist on the classic children’s activity, coloring books! A design is printed on t-shirts and packaged with the necessary materials to allow you to add your own artistic touch. Wearable Art is loved by kids everywhere because they created their own wearable work of art.

Your kids can display their color skills proudly on their shirts, see the t-shirt we made for the 4th of July.

The Wearable Art t-shirts come with a pre-printed design and 7 pastel fabric crayons.  You can even have the people at Wearable Art make a design for you, or you can send them one you have if you would like something for a specific occasion.

The t-shirt comes with a cardboard insert which is great to keep under the design when you are coloring, as it makes it a bit stiffer.  You will probably want to pin your t-shirt down, otherwise you’ll have to hold the t-shirt down with one hand while you’re coloring so it doesn’t shift.  You can press down hard to get a bold color, or just color it lighter if you’d like it muter.  The pre-printed designs come with a bold outline, which is really good for smaller hands.  The fabric crayons are wider than regular crayons and so if the motor skills of the person coloring aren’t that fine yet, the lines will mask a lot of the “color over”. 

After the inspiring design is done, the color is set by the heat of an iron.  Place a clean piece of paper on top of the coloring and run the iron over it a number of times.

This is what her t-shirt looks like after it has been washed with detergent.  Amber is very excited to wear her own unique design to the 4th of July party we’ll be attending this year.

Wearable Art t-shirts cost $17.99 and are a great idea for homeschools (have your kids make a school mascot and have it printed on a shirt!), holidays, birthday parties or family reunions. 

You can see all the designs and sizes available at http://www.coloryourclothes.com.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION:  I wrote this post as part of a blog campaign on behalf of Wearable Art.  I received a free t-shirt to use to facilitate my post.

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