Using an e-Reader for Homeschooling

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At some point in the last year and a half, we have come to realize that our e-Readers are invaluable for homeschooling.  The hundreds of books that we are able to find online and borrow through the library system as well as the vast array of material from sites like Curriki, has increased the value of these devices in our home.  Yes, I said e-Readers, because we have three.  While all of the e-Readers that we own have the ability to import PDFs, only our Sony Reader can read Word Documents, which allows us to carry around a large amount of schooling material in a small 6×9 space.

Sounds great, right?  Sadly, however, A LOT of the material I find is put online through HTML or Word Documents, and I like to have it all in the same format so that we can upload it to whichever reader we want.  A great way to do this is to take the Word Documents or the URL Web Page and Convert PDF files from them.  It also allows me to take two or more documents and combine them into a single file, which makes it really convenient when I have multiple source material for one subject.   Everything is backed up; there is no ‘paper’ to store, and no excuse to not be doing schoolwork in the dentist’s office or airport!

See how easy a PDF converter can be, and get your Free PDF Trial for five free conversions.  Stay tuned for another post on how to develop a PDF document!

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