Types Of Hair Extensions Famously Used

Whether you are looking for a waist-length, summer waves, or half-decent ponytail, hair extensions can be the instant solution to all your hair issues. But before you go out buying any extensions, you need to know about the different kinds and why they are used.secret extensions

Before going into details, this should be clear that you should get real hair extensions instead of fake weaves. You can’t style synthetic hair because they get damaged by heat, and they need to be thrown out if they start thinning or get dirty.


If you are in a hurry or don’t like to wait around, then clip-ins are the way to go. They can also be used if your hair is thinning to make it look fuller. Clip-ins are relatively cheaper than other extensions. There is no need to regularly wash the hair because they are not meant for daily use. You shouldn’t wear these for more than two times a week because the clips can damage your real hair and scalp. These extensions are the cheapest options, but cheap clips can don’t usually hold the hair properly.


Sew-in extensions are most widely used. You can change its length, color, volume, and texture to suit your style. A stylist will first braid your hair into cornrows, and then they sew-in the weaves. The process can take up to five hours. They can be left on for up to 12 weeks. They are preferred by women who want to give their hair time to grow or want to give their hair time off of heat and styling. You can find in many stores and online, but make sure they are of good quality.


If you want an extension that lasts longer and is easy to take off at any time, then tape-ins might be for you. As you can guess from the name, they use double-sided tape to put them on. Stylists put them on by sandwiching some of the hair between panels of your real hair. It’s hard to spot them because they look realistic. But they can be quite expensive. They range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can wash and condition the hair as you usually would. You will have to go back to a professional to put them on again when you take them off, and that can cost a lot too.


Wigs are suitable for people that like to experiment with different colors and styles. You can switch your persona every day, or multiple times a day. The prices vary significantly with the different styles, colors, and textures no matter where you buy them. But the good quality wigs are quite expensive. The most famous ones are lace wigs, which is because they give a more natural look. They can be put on using special glue. The primary guideline to wash human-hair wigs depends on how often you wear it, but it is advised to do it every ten days.

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  1. Hi, I have bought clip in ponytail hair extensions. I have extremely thin hair and my scalp is visible. are these safe and fine to use?

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