Turning Your Bedroom into a Place of Solace

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The only room in your home reserved solely for your quiet reflection, rejuvenating sleep and romantic endeavors may be anything but relaxing. Instead of sharing your sanctuary, discover the best ideas for your bedroom that transform it from a storage closet into a peaceful, relaxing space.

Clutter Limits Rest

Take a minute to look around your bedroom. Artwork, curtains, furniture and knickknacks show off your unique style, but they also add visual clutter. Instead of storing your beloved things in your bedroom, select a few of your favorite items. Display everything else in another room.

Next, remove the piles of unfolded laundry from your bed. You don’t need that extra weight keeping you from crawling between the sheets every night. The sight of all those clothes also mentally overwhelms you and reminds you of your to-do list when you should be relaxing.

As a busy mom, you might not think you can keep up with the laundry. Try implementing a weekly routine. Your children fold their own laundry and put it away. You are training them to help with household responsibilities while limiting clutter in your bedroom.

Décor Inspires or Deflates

During your bedroom inspection, you’ll probably see ancient curtains, outdated paint and old furniture. These items do not promote restfulness or relaxation. Consider remodeling your room with a few easy steps.

You know how you feel refreshed and happy when you buy a new outfit, and you’ll feel the same way after you give your bedroom a facelift. Choose a color scheme that helps you feel peaceful and calm. Muted colors work best. If you have enough money in your budget, purchase new window treatments and furniture. Otherwise, paint the walls and stain the furniture. This facelift lifts your spirits as well when you walk into your room every day.

A Kid-Free Zone Relieves Stress

Your kids weigh on your mind all day. Make one room in the house kid-free for your adult enjoyment.

Remove any kid toys, artwork or photos. When it’s time for bed or your need a mid-day moment of escape, your bedroom welcomes you with peacefulness. Here you find a sanctuary for adults only.

Your bedroom gives you a private space away from the stresses of life. By creating a calm and peaceful oasis in your bedroom, you find relaxation and refreshment. Limit clutter and kids while decorating sensibly, and find solace in your bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Turning Your Bedroom into a Place of Solace

  1. I failed in all the categories. My room is laundry cluttered, outdated and often terrorized by kids. Somehow, I do manage to get a good night sleep in it. Must be total exhaustion.

  2. Nice article. I am redoing my son's room, since he just got married. The biggest problem I am having is chosing a paint color, but I think I have finally done it! Now I am on it and I can't wait to see the end product! I have some furniture I am using, plus, bought a beautiful old gold mirror at an estate sale last week. Now we are looking for a Frenchy type chair to go with a desk I am going to paint.
    So I can see it in my mind, what I am going to do. The palet is from our backyard with some naked lady flowers and crepe myrtle.

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