Trudeau Kitchen Stress Less Gadgets Review & Giveaway

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As someone who suffers from Raynaud’s Syndrome, I can have episodes of tingless and numbness when using electric kitchen appliances that vibrate (hand mixers etc.) or doing repetitive tasks (like grating cheese).  Most usually if I need to do those kinds of tasks, I call upon my daughter or husband to do them .

Trudeau Kitchen has a number of Stress Less Gadgets that aid those that have pain in their hands, or for those who just want to perform those tasks with less stress on their body and less physical effort.  These are ideal for people with arthritis, diabetes or carpal tunnel.

I received three of the products from the Stress Less line:  Can Opener, Cheese Grater and Pizza Cutter.

While all three of the products live up to the “stress less” motto – the can opener was definitely the one that impressed me the most.  Here is a video of my husband opening up a soup can with it – you can see how effortless it is to turn the handle and get the lid off.

Quick video showing the Trudeau Kitchen Stress Less can opener in use.


I love how it folds up for compact storage too!  It comes with a 5 year warranty and has a retail price of $19.99.

The Cheese Grater is also a handy product for those who don’t want to be moving their hands up and down, up and down, along a standard plane grater.

It is definitely more comfortable to ‘wind’ that handle than it is to hold a block of cheese and repetitively run it along a grater.  It comes apart very easily to clean and can be used by a right-y or a left-y.  The offset to the comfort of using this model is that you are limited to the amount of cheese you can grate at one time, due to the size of it.  If you need to grate a lot of cheese at one time it probably would not be very efficient to have to cut it to fit inside the dispenser.

The Cheese Grater also retails at $19.99 and again has a 5 year warranty.

Then there is the Pizza Cutter – I actually haven’t used this product yet, as we haven’t had pizza since it arrived in my home.

The difference from this pizza cutter from others you may have seen or used are these qualities: Ergonomic handle with finger guard (yeah, no worries of cutting youself!) – Removable cutting wheel for easy cleaning (fantastic feature) – Large diameter Stainless Steel cutting wheel (this is significantly larger than the average pizza cutter).

And while I haven’t actually “used” it yet – I can tell the difference just by running it along a cutting board in comparison to my other pizza cutter – that the Trudeau Stress Less model ‘moves’ with you when you cut.  So if you need more pressure to get through a thicker or harder crust the handle conforms to your movement, so you have less physical strain on your wrist and hand.

The Pizza Cutter retails for $12.99 and has that great 5 year warranty too.

I received the above mentioned products to facilitate the review posted.

One reader will receive a Trudeau Kitchen Stress Less can opener, cheese grater and pizza cutter (arv $52.97)

To enter the giveaway visit and then in the Rafflecopter form below let me know one other product besides those mentioned in this post you’d like to try.

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