Travel Agencies: Your One Stop Solution To World Class Tour Experience

Traveling the world is a refreshing and enlightening venture and many people are talking to it as a hobby while others do it for business or other reasons. This trend of world tours has caught speed with the onset of social platforms and intense media coverage that makes activity very appealing and captivating. Social networking has even had a bigger impact in this as peers influence each other and further fan the desire for world touring.

However, this world tour experience can be a terrible experience if done haphazardly and without keen planning. The world, as much as it is portrayed as a global village, is a huge place to venture without a prior and thorough plan, and preparedness. This is why it is best to opt for a travel agency like STS Travel, who can guide you and help plan your travel for the best experience.

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There are various benefits that come with using a travel agent for your travel plans. These benefits include but are not limited to;

  • Travel insurance

Most travel agents know the risks that are associated with the travel industry and in lieu of this, they are very keen to safeguard them from losses, failures and other risks that they face on a day to day basis, by taking travel insurance for any engagement they have. As their client, you also benefit from these measures whereby the agents also take travel insurance covers for their travelling clients. This is for your safety and again, to gain a competitive edge.

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  • Thorough knowledge of the travel requirements

Unlike planning your own world tour plans, where you may literally be clueless on where you are heading or what to expect, tour plans undertaken through an agent are more detailed as they have thorough knowledge of where you would travel.

Moreover, having been in the industry for years, the agents are able to gain valuable and in-depth information on the various popular destinations or they have means of verifying destination information before the clients get to it. This is very helpful to you in planning and knowing what to expect and how to go about touring that destination.

  • Guided tours

With the information that travel agents have on the various world destinations, they are best placed to inform you of how to go about and experience most of the sites in that locality. In case you may need some assistance in going around the place, the agents are able on request, to organize travel means and guides who can pick you at terminals and guide you through your tour.

These guides are very helpful as they have thorough knowledge of the best sites to visit, and are trustworthy and can help you navigate complex situations where you need the locals to help you out.

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  • Travel bookings and payments

Most travel agents have agreements and contracts with major travel and accommodation companies whereby they are able to get good deals and discounts for their clients. This is great news to you, a client of the travel agents, as you stand to get great discounts on the travel and accommodation, and save a lot from your travel.

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Nicholas is an experienced travel and touring enthusiast, and critique of the various travel destinations travelled. He is a graduate in Information Technology, and thus is well versed in insightful technology based travel evaluation tools, and other topics on travel, travel gadgets and content marketing. His most recent article focused on STS Travel.

4 thoughts on “Travel Agencies: Your One Stop Solution To World Class Tour Experience

  1. We went to Alaska on our honeymoon and we used AAA Travel Agency. Jan was awesome!! I would recommend her but she retired. Bummer! We used a travel company the first time we went to Disney World. We didn’t pay anything! They got paid through Disney. They were invaluable with dining reservations. Now you can do it online though. But they were wonderful! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

    1. That’s awesome thanks so much for your insight! We used a travel agency for our Honeymoon and I really did like the fact that everything was arranged and we just had to ‘show up’ 🙂

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