Go Somewhere Great in 2019!

Forget elbowing through crowds in the city, plan a different vacation in 2019.  Don’t pass up the chance to rent an RV and go to one of the country’s , where you’ll have plenty of space to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of America.  If your doesn’t warrant much for a vacation fund, then camping is a fantastic, lower-cost alternative to the typical (and usually mundane) stay in a hotel.  Start your day off by watching the sun rise in the clean air and end it with experiencing stargazing in a way few other methods of vacationing can offer, thanks to the dark skies out at a campground.   It’s amazing.   And when you fill up your Instagram feed from one location, you can pack up and drive over to the next destination.

There are over 150 campgrounds in Virginia and they are some of the best in the country.  With it being such a historically rich state, you can also throw in a fun history lesson for the kids when you stop at an RV park there.  Pretty sure they won’t complain it’s ‘lame’ either 😉   Many of the campgrounds in Virginia are near museums and famous historical places that date back to the founding of the country.  Or you can take part in white-water rafting if you stop at a campground in West Virginia.  All types of nature lovers gather at campgrounds  and RV parks in Ogden, Utah to see the picturesque views and wildlife.  It’s a total feast for the eyes.  Stick around for a few days and you can  stroll down nature paths, visit the area’s stunning lakes or hike.

top campgrounds

Make it an even more fun journey by going with your friends as a group.  Why not caravan, RV style?!  We actually have friends that did this with a group earlier this summer.  With their campers they took a trip from Texas to California and back.  They said it was a super-special experience that they now all get to share together in the memories that they made.

If you still get some time off this coming year, you can have a top-notch trip, thanks to the plethora of top campgrounds around the nation.  Start dreaming and planning for a memorable trip.  Can an RV fulfill a dream?  I think it can!

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