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When we purchased our home in spring we knew that with it being 26 years old we’d have to do some updating to it, a couple of the things we’ve already done is replaced the garage door and the sink faucets.  

Eventually I’d like to replace the window coverings too, but what’s kind of funny about that is one of the reasons we purchased our home is because it included the blinds and curtains.


So many of the homes we looked at didn’t and we knew that would add quite a bit on to the cost of a home.  Not only did they include all the window coverings but the blinds in our home are Hunter Douglas ones.

So even though they are a bit dated…they’re quality blinds and worth keeping around for a bit longer while we tend to a few more immediate needs around here.

But when we are ready to replace them, I’m going to be checking out Decorview.com.  Decorview is the largest in-home seller of Hunter Douglas window coverings in the U.S. and is the official channel partner for Hunter Douglas products on Amazon.com.  Right now you can get a $100 Rebate on their Most Popular Products from Hunter Douglas thru Dec. 31st! Sign-up here at Decorview.com to Learn More about their Free In-Home Consultation with Free Measure and Free Installation!  That’s an added value to me because we have a LOT of windows in our home and if a company charged me extra for those services it would really add up.

What kind of window coverings do you have in your home?

25 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Style at Decorview.com

  1. We just FINALLY put window coverings on our downstairs windows- and we've lived here for three years. We have curtains, but we need blinds for our sliding back door & we haven't found ones we like quite yet. I'll have to check out their selection.

  2. @Tiffany –
    Remotes? Oooh, I'd love that feature! Mine are the pull and tug kind LOL!

  3. We are house hunting and never thought about the blinds but they can be rather expensive. We have vertical blinds in most of the house (cheaper ones) but we rent right now.

  4. Most of our windows have top-down bottom-up cellular shades to go with the contemporary architectural style of our house. But we need to figure out something new for our sliding glass doors; I'm not loving the drapes we're using now.

  5. We have double paned storm windows, so we don't have any window coverings! I take that back, we have some little half curtains in the kitchen, and some sheer curtains over the front walkway windows, but other than that, nothing (as I sit here at 10:35 pm with 7 uncovered windows in sight!).

  6. My dream would be to have plantation shutters. We added a sunroom recently that's almost finished with 8 windows, so I just don't think plantation shutters will be in my budget.

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