3 Time Management Tips that Will Boost Your Organizational Skills

Most of us lead busy lives, and that feeling of not being able to fit all of our tasks into one day can leave us feeling anxious, stressed, and run down.

If time management isn’t your strong suit, then it can be hard to keep a handle on everything you have to do; from work to chores, hobbies to childrearing, the jobs of a day can mount up quickly.

It’s not just in the home where improved time management will lead to better overall well being – poor time management is a leading cause of workplace stress. In fact, indicated that better time management led to reduced stress.

If you’re looking to improve your organizational skills, here are just three time management tips to help get you started.

Time Management Tips

1) Time Management App

Traditionally, the only way for us to keep track of our tasks was with a manual to do list and diaries – or even sticky notes that could easily get lost. But with the development of digital technology, there’s an app for almost everything… including time management.

Creating task lists that you can assign required time to, cross off when complete, and share with colleagues and family members will ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Plus, if you’re one of those people that gains satisfaction from checking things off a list, think of the emotional benefits if you list every task and then get to check it off.  

With Apps such as , you can organize your time, manage your life, and get more hours out of every day.

2) Cut Out the Commute

The average commute can be almost an hour for many of us, and this is an hour that you could be putting to more productive activities than traveling to work or college.

Many companies are coming to realize that their employees can be much more productive when they work from home.

Similarly, furthering your education through dedicated distance learning providers such as means that you can advance your learning on a schedule that suits your needs, without having to waste time traveling to class.

Cutting out the commute, and working and studying more flexibly, will give you more control over your time management.

3) Reach Out for Help

Trying to accomplish everything ourselves is a trap that many of us fall into.

However, there’s no shame in asking for help when we need it.

If you’re struggling to find time for activities such as gardening or house work, consider calling in the assistance of cleaners and gardeners to help you out.

Similarly, if you have children, then consider delegating them with smaller chores. Not only will this free up some of your time, but it will help to instill them with a sense of responsibility that can help them when they grow up and move out.

What tips do you have for mastering the art of time management? Share your strategies and tools in the comments below!

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