The Books I’m Reading Now With My Favorite Apps and Walmart Best Plans

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#MyDataMyWay with Walmart Best Plans allows me to take dozens of books with me everywhere I go.

I LOVE to read.  If I could do anything with my time all day long I’d be sitting in my recliner with a cup of coffee, reading a book.  While I know many people like to have that tactile feeling of turning a page when reading, me I’m all about being able to read whenever and where ever I like, and multiple books at once!  That’s why my Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web smartphone plan from Walmart Family Mobile is so invaluable to me.

Walmart Best Plans and #MyDataMyWay lets me read books any time, any place.

Overdrive is my very favorite book app. It connects to local libraries and allows you to borrow and download books right through the app on your phone. With the 4G LTE service through Walmart Family Mobile I can download books easily no matter where I am!  For $29.88 a month (for the first line on each account) you get Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web with 500MB of 4G LTE data (or you can get up to 3GB of 4G LTE for $38.88 a month). What a bargain! Both the price of the phone service and the fact that I can borrow books any time, any where 😉

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.

I can borrow and download books from the public library with my data plan on Walmart Family Mobile.

Casebook by Mona Simpson is the current novel I’m reading through Overdrive. It’s a book about two teenage boys who play amateur spies to try and make sense of their parents’ marriages and divorces.

The Kindle app is great for shared book reading. When I am going to purchase a book to read I always check Amazon first. Since both my husband, daughter and I all have the Kindle app on our phones we can read a book at the same time and then talk about it together. That makes for great dinner table discussion. I can buy a book right through the Kindle app. They often have great free book specials to download too and unlike the library, these you get to keep!

Currently both my husband and I are reading Be Joyful by Warren Wiersbe through the Kindle app. It’s a study book that our church small group is going through about how to be content, happy and joyful even when our circumstances aren’t the way we would like them to be.

I’m taking a trip in May to attend my nephew’s wedding.  I really like to have a variety of things to read on the plane and while I wait for flights in airports.  I also don’t like packing a suitcase 😉  With my Walmart Family Mobile plan and the ability to download books on the go using my unlimited data, I have thousands of books at my disposal.  I don’t have to worry about taking up room in my carry on with books, so there is more room for clothes and shoes 🙂

I can pack more clothes and shoes by using book apps with my Walmart Family Mobile Data Plan.Kindle App using Walmart Family Mobile

Back in the day (circa 2010, but in technology years you know that was like the ice age) I owned a Literati book reader. I had quite a few books on it and thankfully the file types are supported by the Blue Fire Reader app. My ‘oldies but goodies’ hang out there, which I go back to re-read on occasion. It’s almost time to start reading the Hunger Games trilogy again with the final movie taking place later this year. This app also allows for importing PDFs and other types of files so it’s a great one to have on my phone for documents too.

Downloading and reading books, that’s how I use #MyDataMyWay. You can see though, that I like to keep it frugal by borrowing books, downloading free books, and reading books I already own. One of the things we save the most on each month besides my thrifty way of reading is our mobile phone plan with Walmart Family Mobile. What do we do with the money we save? I do have to say, I might splurge on a few books with it!

I love my ZTE ZMAX (shown in the photos) for the Walmart Family Mobile plan which costs $179.00 (was $199.88). The phablet sized screen makes it easy to read books on. There are some other really great affordable phones available for the plan too including:

  • ZTE Zinger – $29.88
  • Nokia Lumia 530 – $49.88 (was $69.88)
  • Nokia 635 – $79.84 (was $129.88)
  • Galaxy Avant – $149.00 (was $199.99)
  • Alcatel Fierce 2 – $119.00 (was $129.99)
  • Alcatel Evolve 2 – $39.83 (was $59.88)

Lowest Priced 4G LTE Plans

Look at your local Walmart, for the Walmart Family Mobile display to see all the plans and phones available in your area.

Do you read books on your phone? If so what apps do you use? What book are you reading right now?

4 thoughts on “The Books I’m Reading Now With My Favorite Apps and Walmart Best Plans

  1. The price of the unlimited plan is really wallet friendly. My only concern would be service, does it lose signal alot?

    1. It doesn’t at all. It actually runs on T-Mobile’s phone service so if where you live you’d get a strong T-Mobile signal you’ll also get a strong Family Mobile signal!

  2. I love the kindle app! Have it on my phone too, but I am wondering though what is the best phone for a child who would be getting there first cell phone from the list above.

    1. Nicole;

      The Nokia Lumia 530 at $49.98 is actually a terrific deal for that phone. It does run under the Windows platform though, whose app store isn’t quite as robust as Android’s. Our daughter’s first phone model was a Nokia and it stood up to some beatings 🙂 Plus the interface is pretty easy to manage.

      While I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the “best” it is a good phone, Google some reviews on it to get other’s opinions.

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