Texas Applebee’s Celebrate Fall with Wingtoberfest

I’m noticing numerous visits to this post in the past couple of days – so I’m letting you all know that this post was written in October of 2016. Wingtoberfest is currently only being offered in select Texas restaurants, but let your Food and Beverage Team know that you would like to see this at your local Applebee’s!

I received complimentary meals as well as a gift card for the purpose of this post and as a thank you for sharing this promotion with you.  All opinions are my own.

The 69 Applebee’s restaurants in Texas are celebrating fall with Wingtoberfest throughout the month of October.

With the debut of October, Wingtoberfest features all-you-can-eat boneless wings and fries for $12.99.


The first batch comes out with an order of 10 boneless wings.  With flavors offering something for everyone’s taste, you can have them with Classic or Hot Buffalo, Spicy Sweet Asian Chile, or Honey BBQ.  Order all the same or split that order up in two or three varieties.  They come with some Ranch dressing as well.  Then when you are done those, order again and try something different (or more of the same, or if you’re boring like my husband just order them plain with no sauce at all!)


The wings were great.  They were very tasty and the chicken and breading are of excellent quality.  The chicken was moist and breading was perfectly done with just the right amount of crisp to it.  The fries were fresh and hot as well.

I had the Classic Buffalo, Spicy Sweet Asian Chile and Honey BBQ.  While they were all good, my favorite was the Honey BBQ.  The sauce’s sweetness complemented the crispy breading so well.   They certainly aren’t ‘short’ on chicken either.  Sometimes those boneless wings give you more breading than chicken, but not so with Applebee’s.  The chicken is proportioned well to the breading in just the right amounts.


I must say I fully enjoyed my meal of the all-you-can eat boneless wings and fries, and for $12.99 you certainly get what you pay for.

The limited-time promotion began October 1 at all participating Texas locations (Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Austin, Waco and East Texas locations) and runs through the end of October.  So if you live in Texas don’t miss out on this great offer that Wingtoberfest provides!

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