TaoTronics Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Our family spends a lot of time sitting at our desks.  My husband works half of his work week at home, of course with my blog I’m sitting at my desk a lot and our daughter is a full time college student and I’m hoping she’s sitting at her desk studying 🙂

Last year we invested some money into changing all the light bulbs in our home to LED ones.  It was a good chunk of change up front, but it has saved us so much on our electric bill already.  Our lights run a lot since we’d home most of the time and even during the day we tend to have them on because with the Texas heat we try and keep the blinds closed to keep our home from getting too warm.

That made the TaoTronics Dimmable LED Desk Lamp a good product to try out in our home. 

The lamp itself is covered in what I would describe almost a silicon like finish and it has a sturdy flat base.  Unlike other desk lamps that I have had, this lamp has an AC adapter rather than a line in cord.

The gooseneck arm of the lamp is flexible allowing it to bend to the angle you need it.

The light itself is controlled by a touch switch on the base.  It’s actually quite neat.  When you plug the lamp in a red indicator light glows on the base.

There is a groove in the base that you slide your finger across that allows you to choose one of 7 levels of brightness.  You can also touch any position in the groove to jump directly to your preferred brightness.  To turn it off just tap on the touch switch again.

The 9W LED task lighting is smooth and uniform and projects at 450 lumens at its fullest.  There is no glare while using it, so it’s good for reading or crafting.  It’s difficult to differentiate between the middle settings on the light output but from the lowest to the brightest there is a nice range depending on what you are using it for.

There are distinct advantages to having an LED desk lamp.

Eco-friendly light
     It contains no mercury or environmentally harmful substances.

Low power consumption
     It consumes 70% LESS power than a typical fluorescent light while maintaining the same level of 

Extraordinary long lifetime 
     Lasts 40 times longer than a typical incandescent bulb.  (Used 5 hours per day it will last up to 22
     years!) It has a lifespan of 40,000 hours.

I’m really pleased with the TaoTronics Dimmable LED Desk Lamp.  Currently I have it on an end table in my living room so that I can read at night without having to put the overhead lights on.  I find the light that it omits is pleasant and it’s more than bright enough for my use.  I imagine when my daughter comes home for a weekend for college, she just may take it back with her for her dorm room!

The slider groove does get a little warm to the touch on the switch side, but not alarmingly as if you would be burned.  And I think that it will collect dust quite easily, although to TaoTronics credit a cloth comes packaged with the lamp to clean it (one should only use a dry soft cloth and not any kind of liquids or cleaning solutions to clean the lamp).

The TaoTronics® Dimmable LED Desk Lamp comes in black, as shown, and pink.  It is available through Amazon currently for a sale price of $59.99 (List Price: $99.99).

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  1. The older my children get, the longer their nightly homework routines are taking. This type of lamp would be great when they enter the world of late study nights.

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