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Anyone who has read my blog on a regular basis knows that I love ice cream. In a bowl, cone, on a stick you name it I’ll eat it. Any flavor , single, mixed (except Tiger Tiger…) I’ll try it and usually like it. Low fat, high fat, premium, sorbet…I’m just an ice cream lover.

Whenever we go to a buffet with my daughter, her favorite thing is the Sundae Bar. There’s something about being able to top your ice cream with extras the way you like it that just puts a smile on your face.

But why go out when you can have a Sundae Bar at home? And that’s just what we did this past weekend.

I headed out to Walmart earlier in the week and stocked upon some Häagen-Dazs in standard Chocolate and Vanilla sundae flavors and threw in a Butter Pecan for those that wanted to minimize the toppings.

Then with the help of my daughter I asked what we needed for the Sundae Bar toppings. My list included bananas, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, chocolate chips, brownie pieces and whipped topping. I also picked up a Butterfinger candy bar to chop up, and thought that more ice cream to top ice cream would be fun, and threw in a small carton of Dibs.

And to eat it in, bowls, but not plastic or china ones – waffle bowls are where it’s at when you want the best for your ice cream sundae bar!

Everybody had a great time and enjoyed their sundae creations – from the youngest to the oldest we were all in agreement that the Häagen-Dazs ice cream is a premium brand.

The color, the taste, the creaminess were just enhanced by the toppings we gave it, but it can stand on its own without any additions.

At our Walmart it was $3.48 for each pint, which is a bit on the pricey side, however that’s still cheaper than going to an ice cream shop with my family OR paying for dinner just to have the ice cream sundae bar for dessert!

“This shop/project has been compensated as part of a campaign for Nestlé. All views/opinions are my own.”

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