Students Can Travel Time to Win

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Young people 8-18 years can travel time to learn about the past and send a message into the future. Enter the Legacy Project’s annual Listen to a Life Essay Contest – Grand Prize is a Lenovo ThinkCentre computer!


The Legacy Project and their annual Listen to a Life Essay Contest help your children travel time and change lives.

The 13th annual Listen to a Life Contest runs to March 22, 2013. A child can travel through time as they interview an older adult about their life experiences – they may be surprised by what they learn. Then they can, submit a 300-word story to send a message around the world and into the future. All winning essays become part of the Legacy Project’s online Legacy Library, recording life wisdom that can make the world and our future a little bit better.

When you really listen to a life, you have an opportunity to discover timeless insights and ideas. They may be big or small, but they’re always valuable.

One Grand Prize Timeless Award winner receives a Lenovo ThinkCentre computer – because computers are amazing tools for helping us create, record, and share ideas – and a keepsake timepiece from Expressions of Time. 10 Legacy Award winners also receive a keepsake timepiece from Expressions of Time. And all winners receive a framed award certificate and an autographed copy of Dream, an award-winning bestseller about time, legacies, and dreams across a lifetime.

This year, they’ll be featuring selected stories as they come in – even before winners are chosen! – to recognize as many entrants as possible. A story your child shares can change a life! Find out more here.

1 thought on “Students Can Travel Time to Win

  1. It is amazing what you can learn from just talking to your "elders". Not all history is written in books.

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