Staples Better Binder and Quilted Arc Notebook

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Right now in our house it’s all about university.  Amber’s completed the scholarship hoops, has applied for housing, and is getting ready for orientation all amongst the actual graduation preparations in the works.  Phew, I get tired just thinking about it.

In the back of my head I’m also thinking about all the things she’ll need for her dorm room and studying (something I like to actually think she’ll be doing when she’s there).  It won’t be quite as a simple once she’s off on her own (with no vehicle at her disposal) for her to say “Mom,  I need {insert random off the wall item here}, by tomorrow!”  So when I find something that I’m sure she “must have,” even now t-minus 6 months, you’ll find me getting it.

Staples has a few items that are perfect for college kids, or even moms like me who wear multiple hats as household manager, blogger, teacher, etc.  The Better Binder and Junior Size Quilted Arc Notebook are two such items.  And both are great for helping to keep organized and sane when it comes to busy schedules.

The Quilted Arc notebook isn’t just chic, it’s really practical.

No fiddling with rings to open and close as the inserts fit around the solid rings snugly, all with no sore thumbs or pinched fingers.  Thank you Staples!

You can personalize the notebook to suit your specific needs with the many varieties of items available for the Arc system.  From the narrow ruled refill paper and poly tab dividers which include labels shown in my pictures to task pads, graph ruled paper, weekly & monthly refills and to-do list among some of the other options.  You can even purchase a hole punch that will punch your own papers to fit both the letter and junior sized Arc System Notebooks.  Which you will love if you are a printable paper junkie on Pinterest (like me!).  That is a treasure trove of a place to find printable pages for the Arc Notebook System.

And then there is Staples’ Better Binder.  Which, when I READ about it immediately thought it would be perfect for Amber at university.  Except when I SAW it, I had to have it for me!  See I’ve been looking for the perfect planner for myself that I could consolidate everything I need into one.  Between all those hats I mentioned above (blogger, teacher, household manager), I have digital and paper products everywhere trying to organize it all.

This 1” three ring binder with a 275 sheet capacity, also has a removable 4GB USB drive, so you can keep the digital files you need along with your paperwork all in one place!

I love this concept.  I can totally see how it would benefit a higher education student with being able to take physical notes, but also having digital projects for the subject on the flash drive close at hand, but I am using it for a planner and I am so much more organized with it.  I  found a printable for a cover sheet and page planning inserts.  I can keep track of everything all in one place for our home, blog, school, work, etc.

I was using a digital calendar, but I had so much going on everyday that I could never see a weekly view because my daily lists were too full.

The inner poly pockets allow me to store the paperwork I get for my blog posts or papers I need to fill out for Amber’s activities, and I can store photo files that I need on the flash drive, having everything accessible to me in one place.  (Plus this way I’ll always know where my photo files are, I tend to store them every which where on my computer, cards and other drives that I’m constantly searching a bunch to find the ones I want!)

I haven’t filled out the spine portion yet, as I want something witty or reflective there, I need to find just the right saying, so until then, the included spine label will stay blank.

I really believe in these products because as I’ve been using them I’ve been finding that they are definitely making my life simpler by allowing me to not just organize, but to do it in a way that I can personalize them to suit my lifestyle.

How do you stay organized for home, work and/or school?

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