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Spa Castle TX invited a group of bloggers for a pre-Mother’s Day VIP event at their facilities.  Letting a group of women do this is almost as cool as letting a group of kids loose in a candy store.  Thank you for the Mother’s Day pampering and gifts Spa Castle.

spacastle_texas_mainSpa Castle is a state-of-the-art spa facility.  An infusion of European Spa, traditional Asian Sauna’s and the American Culture, brings a one of a kind experience that is out of this world. Spa Castle TX is a great place to relax. Entrance to Spa Castle TX is $35.  That gets you shorts & a top to wear around the building, use of the pools (bring your own swimsuit if you plan to use the pools), the saunas and the exercise room.
Exercise Room - Spa Castle TX

Spa Pools / To achieve the blissful benefits of hydrotherapy

Consistent with the ideas of Reflexology, Spa Castle’s beloved indoor and outdoor Bade Pools are sprinkled with strategically placed aqua-therapy jets, aimed to massage different areas of the body. While relaxing in a full-body hot water immersion, what you do not realize is that this is acupressure, hydrotherapy not only feels wonderful, but helps enhance circulation, skin tone, joints and muscle tension, and even digestion. A truly magnificent winter experience can be shared in one of these year-round outdoor and indoor spa pools.
Spa Pool Hours : 8am to 12am; 7 days a week. Outdoor pools only close during thunderstorms.
Spa Castle Texas - Bade PoolsAqua Bar - Hydrotherapy Pool - Spa Castle TexasThere are five pools to relax and rejuvenate in, one of them is even designed just for kids!
Kiddie Pool - Bade Pool - Spa Castle Texas

Sauna Valley / Venture into Sauna valley for a truly breathtaking journey.

(Open 24 Hours a day)
Each room, equally ornate in structure and design, offers specific healing affects through the combination of the infrared rays converted to heat with the natural essence of the room itself. The lining of each room is made from natural and authentic components, each organically beneficial to the body.
sauna_192010 different sauna experiences let you choose the ones that are perfect for you.
After receiving a tour of the building and learning about the different benefits of the pools and saunas, we were treated to a few spa services; a chair massage, plus a mani/pedi.   These services (Lavender Beauty Spa, massages, food, etc.) are an additional cost to your entrance fee.
manicure pedicure spa castle texas - opi lacquer polish The main inspiration for the color I chose was my convertible dress that I’ll be wearing to my nephew’s wedding later this month.  I have to say Sarah, who did my mani/pedi services was top notch at what she does (especially with my feet and toes! they were a hot mess, she had her work cut out for her!)
Spa Castle Texas - PedicureI was able to spend some time sauna hopping after our spa services were done.
I fell in love with the Far Infrared sauna.  The air doesn’t feel nearly as heavy in this one as it does in some of the others, I seriously could have spent so much time in this one (unfortunately I had an appointment in the afternoon and needed to leave the facility sooner than I liked).
far-infrared-saunaAnother sauna I fancied was the Color Therapy one.  Sculptural and organic at the same time, the LED lights emit wavelengths to the room that does your body good.
Colory Therapy Sauna - Texas Spa Castle - LED Light Sauna*Hint-Mother’s Day is TOMORROW, and even if you’re late gift giving, I’m pretty sure your Mom won’t mind with a day pass or gift card to Spa Castle 😉  This is a selfie of a happy mom after only a short time at Spa Castle.
I can’t wait to go back and spend a whole day there.  Between the pools, saunas, spa treatments and restaurants, I may find it hard to leave!Sushi Restaurant - Spa Castle TexasThey even have places for you to rest and grab a nap!  Totally my kind of place 🙂
Spa Castle TexasSpa Castle TexasWe were also told of a new service that is coming to Spa Castle TX, child care!  That’s right moms, soon when you need some me time but don’t have anyone available to care for your children you can bring them to Spa Castle TX with you but still have the relaxing me time you crave (children are actually welcome at the facility currently, however you have to keep them with you during your stay).  Spa Castle is renovating an area right now to provide that service and hope to have it running by the end of this year.
So if you live in the North Texas area or are visiting North Texas plan on a day at Spa Castle.  Texas Spa Castle is located at 1020 Raiford Rd. Carrollton, TX 75007, which is in the Dallas metroplex area.  For those of you in or visiting NY there is a Spa Castle location there as well.

Some Photo Credits in this post are from the Spa Castle Texas website.

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