Southtree – Preserving Outdated Memories

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In a little more than 8 weeks I’m going to be flying north to Canada.  What exciting thing is happening you ask?  Well I’ll be celebrating my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary with my family.  I find it hard to believe sometimes that they can possibly have been married for 50 years, but then I remember I’m going to be 41 this year and I’m the youngest of the four children, so time flies and all that jazz.

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When they came to visit for Amber’s graduation back in May we did a lot of reminiscing over old photos.  And while we still have quite a few because we didn’t have a digital camera until Amber was in Kindergarten, I know my parents have boxes upon boxes of old photographs and slides.

I think I might mention to my brothers and sister that it would be a good idea to look into Southtree who provide services to preserve outdated memories – tapes, film, photos, and audio – into digital keepsakes that are both usable and safe for future generations.  I think that would be a great gift for Mom and Dad, plus it ensures that we as kids and grandkids can share the media amongst ourselves.

Even better they have a code blog25 to get 25% off your order.  It’s valid until 7/15/14, so I better get on it quick!

Have you ever preserved older media into a newer format?

8 thoughts on “Southtree – Preserving Outdated Memories

  1. I haven't done it yet, but I desperately need to transfer my VHS videos into a safe and updated format. I'm starting to get scared that I haven't yet!

  2. No but I really need to get my video tapes of my daughter converted to something else. Someday the only place we will be able to find a v c r will be in a museum.

  3. I have considered it a couple of times. This is such a great way to do it. I'm so glad to hear that your parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage, that is something to be proud of especially in our society today.

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