Southern Living Presents: Big Book of Cupcakes

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It seems like cupcakes are all the rage lately.  Taking the best of the best of Jan Moon’s recipes and creations, Southern Living has published a BIG Book of Cupcakes which has 150 brilliantly delicious dreamcakes.

Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cupcake

Having had the opportunity to review this book the past couple of weeks, I can assure you that it is wonderful.  There are standard chocolate and vanilla recipes, and the book presents you with the perfect time to try something new in your cupcake repertoire.  You look at the pictures before baking, the whole time thinking, “Mine will never look like that.”  But then when you are done, you are pleasantly surprised and you feel accomplished, because while it might not look exactly like the picture, it’s pretty darn close.

And perhaps there are days where you are lazy, or busy, and you just want to use a cake mix and store bought icing.  That’s okay – Big Book of Cupcakes will give you plenty of inspiration for flavor pairings and decorating, that no one will be the wiser anyway!

I’ll distract you with a photo of the Icing Shots that I made from the book, for those of us that ultimately prefer the icing to the actual cake!  I do not have shot glasses in my home, but used egg cups instead which served my purpose quite well.  The book suggests eating them with candy sticks, but I didn’t have any of those either, my family did not complain about the chocolate covered pretzels I served them with – so your ‘dipping stick’ could be anything from Candy Sticks to Animal Crackers and I’m sure it will still be appreciated.

So if you’re interested in looking at, making or eating some wonderful cupcakes, or getting some ideas for some really fun decorating styles Big Book of Cupcakes won’t disappoint you.  It’s available at for $12.32 and other retailers both online and in retail stores.

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