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I apparently need to get a new calendar. The one I have does not contain certain holidays on it, most notably it is missing ‘Something on a Stick Day’ which I was told took place March 28th. So in true Litke fashion, we celebrated this auspicious occasion on a different day, which is usually what we do with most special occasions in our home anyway, because we’re either busy on the actual day of ________ (insert holiday/birthday/anniversary here), out of town or my husband we forgot.

Now most people would probably do the expected, for Something on a Stick day and make some fancy cake pops like these:

But not me, oh no, I know how to go all out for special days like this and so using my creative culinary skills this is what I came up with:

For me

For my husband

For our daughter

Imagine my surprise when I got some disdainful looks from the rest of the household. I know right?!

Well I never like it when I’m given the silent treatment, worse yet when they don’t give me the silent treatment and actually tell me what they’re really feeling. So in order to make amends I went shopping to see if I could find something on a stick that would be more appealing to their picky palates.

When lone behold in the freezer section of the store I found these new packages of TCBY frozen yogurt ON A STICK!

Wow what luck!

Now to be honest we don’t eat a lot of frozen yogurt in our home, I tend to buy ice cream, I always thought that little ‘zing’ you get when you eat yogurt would not be appreciated by my family’s taste buds. But when I heard that TCBY Grocery was at a store near me with new frozen novelties, I did want to try them.

It was neat that TCBY had a flavor for each of us. My husband really liked the Chocolate Fudge

me the Strawberry Swirl

and our daughter the Orange and Vanilla (really she did like them, her face looks like she doesn’t but I think it was the coldness on her braces that made her face scrunch up like that!).

They are very creamy, the texture I think is a bit softer than an ice cream novelty but with a thick creaminess. They didn’t melt or fall of the stick while we ate them though.

I’ll even do the math for you. $3.48 for a box of six frozen yogurts that’s 58¢ each. Pretty cheap for a cold treat on a hot day. An even better calculation – 110 calories or less and 2.5 grams of fat or less depending on the flavor. They even have 7 types of probiotics, something you definitely don’t get with ice cream.

As our daughter was eating hers I told her it was yogurt and not ice cream, I don’t think she would have even known the difference other wise. I ‘thought’ I noticed the ‘zing’ from the yogurt, but then it just might be because I knew it was yogurt. My husband didn’t think they tasted like yogurt at all, and the taste compared to a traditional frozen fudge pop.

I have to say I’ll definitely be shopping for these over the summer months, because I LOVE that they are low in calories and in fat.

Not all the grocery stores where we live have them yet, but since I asked around at quite a few of them in our city, they are now aware of the product and I hope they order them to sell in the frozen novelty sections.

If you are interested in learning more about TCBY Grocery and connect with the brand you can find them at, on Twitter and Facebook.

Want to see my entire shop for #TCBYGrocery Something on a Stick Day? Click the picture below for my Google + album.

Have you tried the TCBY Grocery frozen yogurt yet? Any variety? If you have tell us in the comments what you thought of the flavors and texture. If you haven’t have you seen them in your local stores yet? Are you planning on trying some of the varieties?

“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.” #CBias All opinions are my own.

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