Printable Minion Valentines

Valentine’s Day. I remember the first one with my husband, that was 20 years ago! We had only been dating for about a month. He showed up at the door with a teddy bear that had a small box of Lindt chocolates. I still have the teddy bear, the chocolates were eaten pretty quickly.

The plans for the evening were unknown to me, but he had decided to take me to one of the tastiest restaurants in town. They don’t take reservations. It’s Valentine’s Day. February 14th. In Canada. We’re talking -22 degrees Fahrenheit here. Did I mention that the restaurant, with a loyal patronage, does not take reservations? Oh and they have a very small lobby. We waited outside for about 30 minutes, in February, in Canada, to get a table. It’s a good thing I liked that man. In his defense, it was an extremely good meal, after my taste buds thawed enough to taste it.

We’ve pretty much made it policy in our home over the years to forgo the usual gift giving measures. Traditional holidays and occasions, Valentine’s, Anniversaries, Birthdays – we don’t go out and buy big things for each other. We may pick up a box of chocolates (for him), or some coffee (for me) – but in general we prefer to spend our money on larger purchases, vacations, mattresses, dishwashers. Things like that.  And hence, they don’t happen every year, but when they do…it’s a doozy of a gift .

My husband typically builds his own computer, in turn I get his castoff, and our daughter gets mine. Right now the parts making up her computer are failing. The fan is horribly loud, the wireless connecter cuts in and out and for the processes she’s using it for (Photoshop for her portfolio for college, gaming, etc.) it’s starting to get slow. So my husband had been looking at upgrading his computer again and doing the hand-me-down train.

I have in the past 4 years become an Apple fan girl. Yes I like the fruit, in pies, cider and just by themselves, but in this instance I’m talking Macs. I started with an iPod Touch, upgraded to an iPad 2, got myself an iPhone 4S…and have been coveting an iMac every time we walk into Best Buy.

And this is why

(the Minion, that’s supposed to represent my husband okay… work with me here folks!)

Sometime in March, a beautiful Apple 27″ iMac with Retina Display is going to land on the doorstep, FOR MEAnd I feel so loved, because he chose to get me something new and wait it out for himself. And he let me go to the darkside….I think my love is converting him from Windows to Apples (it may actually be the fear of my surfing, entering giveaways and picking up some viruses along the way…but I’m going with the LOVE…)

There will be chocolate for him, lots of chocolate this V-Day. He had the above card waiting for him at his computer this morning too, and He’ll get the significance.  He knows how I feel about Minions.

If you haven’t given your kids or spouse, or co-workers Valentine Cards yet today…you can download and print out these ADORABLE Minion cards from Despicable Me 2, which will be in theaters in summer, and I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!! « My excitement is no less for that than my iMac…well maybe a little bit less, but still I’M VERY EXCITED! Because me…. I like Apples & Minions.