So Many Beverage Options With #AMCandCocaColaFreestyle

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Our family does two primary things for entertainment; play video games and watch movies.

In our neck of the woods we have a few movie theaters to choose from, but we gravitate to the two AMC Theatres that are closest to us.  The primary reason is because of their concessions and their AMC Stubs Card.

When our daughter was home from college for Thanksgiving break we went as a family to see a couple of movies with her.  And since she’s a poor college student and doesn’t get out much, (LOL!) we let her choose what movies she wanted to see.  Her first choice was Big Hero 6 (which is incredibly fun and worth seeing I might add!), and then we also went to see Mockingjay Part 1 at her request.

Amber LOVES (and I stress that in caps because it honestly is a huge highlight for her when we go to the movies!) getting the chance to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines when we are at our AMC Theatres.  Concessions these days are almost as fun as the movie itself!

AMC and Coca-Cola Freestyle


Not only does the machine have your favorite Coca-Cola pop flavors, they also have some “better for you” beverage options, like Dasani beverages.


But the appeal of this beverage machine is not just that you can have Coca-Cola or Barq’s, Sprite or Minute Maid, you can choose your base soda or non-carbonated beverage…and then flavor it.    The variety of options is numerous, over 100!  We’re always thankful when there is no line up behind us when we visit because we take so long going through the menus to choose what we want when we use it.


This time around, our daughter went with Diet Barq’s (rootbeer is her favorite) and flavored it with vanilla.  Since we ordered a large combo of popcorn and the drink, the only downside to her creation…she had to leave the movie half way through to go to the bathroom! LOL.  She mentioned next time she’s going to try the Grape Sprite Zero (perhaps we should get her a smaller size though .


AMC Theatres allows you a free refill on large sized concessions, so as we were leaving, I decided to fill up the cup once more 🙂  This time I decided what to get and chose a Grape Dasani Beverage.


It was very refreshing.  I’m not a plain water gal and prefer flavor to my beverages.  But I also don’t always want carbonated drinks when we’re at the movies, so this was a great choice for me.


If you’re looking to try out the extensive beverage options that a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine gives you the next time you go to the movies, check out their theater locator to find AMC Theatres near you that have one.  There is also an AMC Theatre app that you can download to your smartphone, to easily locate the nearest AMC Theatre with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, which is very handy if you’re on vacation over the holidays and looking for one.

When Amber comes home for Christmas break in a week, we’ll be off the to movies again.  A. Lot. !!  On our list to see are The Penguins of Madagascar, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, and Exodus: Gods and Kings.  What Featured AMC Movies – Now Playing have you seen or want to see?

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